For The Ladies: Rocking Your ShePower – Everybody Can’t Go Where God is Taking You.

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The actual wording in the above mentioned quote is, “Baby, everybody can’t go where God is taking you.” It was said to me by my mother years ago when I came to her with concern over why a relative couldn’t receive the blessing I was trying to share.

We have a powerful act we gift to others called “paying it forward.” By “paying it forward,” we become a blessing to someone out of gratitude for being blessed ourselves. Now, here in lies the lesson. Not everyone can or will receive the blessing. There are times we will try and give to someone who is unable to accept for whatever reason. Some are afraid of success, some don’t want to come out of their comfort zone, and some are conditioned to believe life has nothing better for them than what they currently have.

In “paying it forward,” we must learn to accept that not everyone will receive with excitement, the gift we have. As we readjust our thinking and forge alliances with like-minded women and men in order to grow, some people in our circle will fall away. If these people are loved-ones or long time friends, it can be difficult to let go and sometimes we want to hold on, but as my mother said, “Baby, everybody can’t go where God is taking you.”

Letting go of people and sometimes things as we move forward can be uncomfortable for us but is necessary for growth. In advancement, we move from one level to the next. As we are elevated, we will encounter individuals of different calibers, each more competent in their field than the one before. These persons are placed in our path to guide as well as mentor us on our journey.

Those who climb mountains will tell you that the higher you climb the thinner the air becomes. I believe this is why only the Eagle flies as high as it does. Again I say, “Baby, everybody can’t go where God is taking you.” It takes a certain character, tenacity and fortitude to scale a mountain or soar on Eagles wings. As you Rock Your ShePower and go hard for your dreams, and forge collaborations with like-minded women and men, remember “Baby, everybody can’t go where God is taking you.”


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