“Come Home” The Final Flight of Milton

Precious thoughts from my dear friend Author G D Grace.

G. D. Grace

It’s hard to accept the fact that you’re gone. There’s a selfish part of me that wishes I had just one last moment to talk to you. Our brief meeting at that San Jose, Ca. coffee shop on the afternoon of Friday 7/24/2015 wouldn’t be the final time, because that occurred the following morning when I met with you to receive the 2 year gift you had for me. I wasted no time in grabbing that opportunity to take a selfie of us — something I wanted to do the day before, but had forgotten.  Fate was kind in that sense, for I did get a chance to snap a picture of the two of us smiling.

I “cleaned up good” is what you said as you scanned my freshly washed car with your powerful two eyes.  You were encouraging even then as you braced yourself for the surgery that…

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