Coronavirus: How fashion is being affected by the pandemic

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For starters, I haven’t bought anything recently because there is nowhere to go and nothing to do! Why? The Pandemic is Why! It would be a waste of money to buy clothes and accessories since the next time I’ll be able to do anything will not be until next year. Not only has my wardrobe versatility diminished but clothing sales plummeted by 34% in March. Production has fallen, retail stores have closed, and demand has plummeted. This not only affects production but people’s livelihood as well.

The fashion industry relies heavily on physical retail and more than 80% of transactions still happen within the store. Therefore, if the pandemic doesn’t go away anytime soon, don’t be surprised to see more retail stores close down. Fashion has been put on the back burner and is not essential to consumers right now because they’re too busy trying to gather essential items to…

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