Ms Ella-isms/Lesson’s my Mother taught me.

Lesson’s My Mother Taught Me

My Mother, the late Mrs. Ella Brooks Roane Jackson (affectionately called Ms. Ella) was one of the wisest women I know. Now you may say, “Well my mom/grandma was wise too” or “the lady up the street was like a mother to me and she gave me great advice all the time.” To that I say, sho’ you right, but if you will indulge me for a few moments, I’d like to share some of my Ms. Ella-isms with you. And maybe, just maybe there will be something said that will bless your life.


Savannah J


Ms. Ella-ism #1

Once while grocery shopping with my Mom, I ran into a high school classmate. I was about 24 or 25 years old at the time. I remember her being simply beautiful and she seemed to have it all together. She was impeccably dressed from head to toe and her make-up and hair were perfectly done. In addition she was holding down a good job, living out on her own, with a car and articulate to boot.

When we finished talking and she walked away, I burst into tears. My Mom turned to me and asked in her loving way, “What’s wrong, baby?” I began to explain how ugly and plain I felt in light of my friend. My clothes were a little too big, I knew nothing about applying make-up, (nor did I own any decent make-up) I didn’t own a car; I still lived at home and only had a part time job cleaning an office on the weekends. Well, what I failed to see at the time was that I was in school training to become an RN and striving for a better life for myself. But, my Mom in all of her infinite wisdom did.

We stood there in that grocery store and talked about my potential; about the fact that I was determined to make a future for myself. As I dried my tears, my Mother said to me, “Don’t worry baby, one day things are going to be going so well for you, that you’re gonna’ look up and say Lord is this me?”

There is a coffee house in Midlothian, Va, where I go on the weekends to write. I love it there and this past weekend while sitting and gazing out the window, I thought back to that day in the super market. I thought about the fact that I am a home owner, I have a great job as an RN and writer, I own a car that I enjoy driving so much I gave it a name, and I own some pretty sassy clothing. With tears in my eyes, I gazed up toward Heaven and I thanked God, and then I said, “Look at me Mommy, look at me sitting here in this coffee house with my lap top writing novels.” I felt so proud of myself at that moment and once again appreciated the wisdom of my Mom.

So, if you ever feel discouraged, as if others around you are all achieving their dreams, while yours seem to be written in sand; take heart and remember what Ms. Ella would say. “Don’t worry baby, one day things are going to be going so well for you, that you’re gonna look up and say Lord, is this me?”

Stayed tuned for the four Ms. Ella-isms. And until we meet again, be blessed!