Anatomy of A Stalker: Meet Bre Anderson

one eye

Hello there, my name’s Bre. I’m the fiancee of Matthew Woodson and future sister-in-law of Carter Woodson. Like my fiance, I’m very direct; that being said, I can’t stand Asha. The minute I laid eyes on her on the yacht, I know she was up to no good. It was obvious in the aggressive manner in which she approached Carter at the bar. Asha refused to back down, even though Carter made it clear he wasn’t interested.

You may wonder how I came to my conclusion although I was seated some distance from them. Well, lets just say, I’m a pro at interpreting body language. I observed the entire thing and was two seconds from taking Ms. Thing down.

I,  for one don’t take too kindly to people attacking my family, either verbally or physically. If you want to get a rise out of me, just approach my loved one wrong. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t believe how calm Matthew was once I pointed out Asha’s aggression against, Carter. Perhaps Matthew reacted the way he did to quell any angst Tayrn may have been feeling, but I wasn’t so mindful. I wanted Taryn to see just what Asha was up to. I’m a firm believer one must nip trouble in the bud and with Asha, I intended to do just that.


Carter never dreamed he’d have to look over his shoulder until he met Asha.  A woman with alluring eyes and a mysterious past who is hell-bent on having Carter regardless the cost.

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