When God Says No.

sunrise“God’s delays are not denials.” Those are the words a former acquaintance often used to comfort me. At that time in my life, I longed for another child and the pain caused by the void was almost unbearable.

For me, years would pass and with them, my ability to birth another child. As I grieved my loss, well meaning friends would attempt to offer more words of comfort and condolences. There came a point in my life when I had to accept the obvious or lose my sanity; I chose the former.

As I sat in quite contemplation one day, it occurred to me, just as any good and loving parent at times must say no, God is no different. My pregnancy with my son was not easy. Experience tells me with a challenging pregnancy, there is the potential for the repetition of the same problems with succeeding pregnancies. In many cases, the problems can be exacerbated. In my case, God had most likely saved my life with a simple no.

We humans are often resistant to the idea of God denying us a desire. But stop and think for a minute. As a parent, would you grant your child a wish you knew would ultimately case them harm? No. No parent in their right mind would. If I had borne another child and lost my life in the process, where would that have left my son? He would have had a sibling, but he would have been motherless.

If you are praying for a blessing, desire or miracle, I am in no way implying you should stop. The Bible says we are to “pray without ceasing.” 1 Thess 5:17 KJV. If, however, you wake up one day as I did, and realize the answer to your prayer is a gentle no, please be assured God has your best interests at heart. He by no means intends to do harm but only to  bring you good.


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