“Am I Real Now ?”

starThe title of my post comes from a movie I recently watched called The Christmas Bunny. It was a sweet tale of a young girl named, Julia who was in need of a forever home.  In the movie, Julia’s favorite video was The Velveteen Rabbit based on the book and she watched it over and over again. At the end of The Christmas Bunny, Julia’s foster family asked her to become a permanent member of their family. She looked at her family and asked, “am I real now?” I thought about how profound her question was.

If you’ve read The Velveteen Rabbit or seen the movie, you’ll remember Skin Horse, a very wise toy tells Rabbit, toys become real because of the love of children. In the movie The Christmas Bunny, Julia asks her forever family, am I real now because she finally feels loved. I thought of all the people in the world who at this very moment lack the love of another human being in their lives. They probably feel invisible and perhaps unreal.

I’m not one to ponder such things without doing my part to find a solution. Showing love can be as simple as making eye contact and speaking to that man, woman or child walking along with their head bowed. We can visit a neighbor who otherwise wouldn’t have company. Or sit next to someone at church who always attends and sits alone.

During this holiday season, which can be especially painful for some, there are many options open for us to show love. I ask you to join me in doing just that. Lets bless our fellow man, it not only benefits them, but us too.

As always, I hope my thoughts encourage you.


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