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Welcome to The Authors’ Corner. This week’s featured authors are Al B. Quarles II  and Lourraine Deluna.



What makes this book special is Al and Lourraine are a father-daughter team. It’s their desire to increase awareness of  bulling and to help put a stop to it. This is Lourraine’s first publication and Al’s third.

Bullies by Al and Raine

Book Synopsis

Bullying is a form of abuse. Bullies use their power to intentionally, repeatedly harm others that seem to be less powerful. However, you can help stop it. It is our hope that this book sparks conversations, inspires activities that teach about bullying, and gives students that are being bullied a voice. It does not have to be a formal program for bullying awareness to be effective. Whether you are an educator, parent, student, or member of the community, it takes all of us to help eliminate bullying. Please remember that bullying is a big deal, and it is not just kids being kids. Please let bullying prevention start with you!

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Please consider supporting them by purchasing their book and spreading the word. I was bullied as a child and teenager, and even in my adult years in my profession until I said, enough. I now speak up and speak out  for those being mistreated, whether children or adults. Bullying needs to be stopped once and for all. Together we can make it happen!

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