Suddenly Single

Hot air balloon

It’s spring in the Old Dominion and I find myself suddenly single; well maybe not suddenly single but single non-the-less. In all actuality, I’ve been single for quite some time now. I once heard a young lady who is also single say, she couldn’t decide if it was harder to be single in the fall/winter or spring/summer. I agree.

I’m a part of a wonderfully close-knit family. Within my family, I’m a part of a small circle of about seven cousins, and we are also like best friends. The interesting thing is, the other six are all in long term committed relationships; I’m the only one who is not. For most women, a situation like mine may pose a problem. It could cause one to wonder, what is wrong with me? Why is everyone in my circle in a committed relationship and I’m not?

There was a time in my life when I would have questioned my desirability as a woman, but praise be to God, I’ve grown. I’m now comfortable with myself and enjoy my own company. I don’t mind going to events alone although, I appreciate the company when available. I’ve learned not to compromise myself or my beliefs, just to have a date. I would rather be alone, than to settle.

My new state of mind wasn’t easy to come by; it required work and determination. It took learning to appreciate my own beauty for what it is, and embracing my femininity. Self esteem, self worth, and self confidence can not be taught. We can receive all the praise in the world, but until we choose to accept and value ourselves, those compliments fall on deaf ears.

To my sisters, (and brothers too) out there who find yourselves suddenly single or like me, you’ve been single for quite a few years, I say don’t despair. Take your eyes off of your circumstances and look beyond yourself. There is so much beauty around you to appreciate. Find something that brings you joy on a daily basis and concentrate on it. When you begin to see beyond yourself and open yourself to Spirit, the things you desire will come; even a mate.

I truly believe what we think as well as speak comes to pass. If we think good thoughts and fill ourselves with joy, I believe we attract that which we desire. In other words, I believe the Law of Attraction is real. Right now, I’m believing for some pretty incredible things. My cousins are believing for me and tell me my mate is on his way; that would be fantastic. But in the meantime, I’m content as I am. A mate would be icing on my cake. My life and perspective on my life is my cake and it tastes pretty good. To have someone to share my life with will only add more sweetness to it.

Now, I’m not saying I want to spend my life alone, because I don’t, I’m saying, I don’t obsess with being alone. I’m using my quiet time to grow me and develop a closer relationship with Spirit, my family and friends. As I said earlier, if you find yourself alone, be encouraged. Focus your thinking on what you desire, fill your heart with joy and embrace life to the fullest and soon your dreams will manifest right before your eyes.


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