Falling in love with RVA, day 17: Remembering.

Rose On Wood BW



I spent today doing something much more meaningful than pursuing my own happiness, I made someone else smile. On yesterday, I made plans to visit a very special lady in my life. She is now a Senior and was my friend, mentor, surrogate mother and confidant all rolled up in one when I first moved to RVA. She still is.

We met many years ago when I was yet brand new on my job and in my career. She took me under her wing and pretty much taught me everything I know. I remember being a little timid at times and she would say to me, “come-on here, Jackson!” And then would push me, not lead me into whatever task needed completion.

This afternoon, she told me she is eighty nine years old and I felt like an infant announcing my upcoming fifty seventh birthday. We had a chuckle about it and she called me a baby; I didn’t mind at all. Although, her body is now frail, her mind is ever sharp. We shared stories of yesteryear and today. She spoke of our days on the job and mentioned several people we worked with. We talked a bit about my mother, whom she was very close to and my son, whom she hasn’t seen in years. I pulled up pictures for her on my phone so that she could see how my son has matured.

It was a bittersweet visit and a bit challenging to see my friend so frail while remembering the way she was in her prime. Although, it was emotional for me, I was so happy I spent time with her and look forward to seeing her again soon. I feel it’s important to be with our elders and those who nurtured us when we were young. After all, they may be older now with snow white hair, but the Bible declares hair of silver as a sign of wisdom and wisdom is what this world is most in need of today.

There is a double blessing in sitting at the feet of our seniors, they have the pleasure of our company and we can glean from their boundless knowledge. Perhaps there is someone in your life whom is up in age who could use a visit. May I suggest you take time out and spend a few hours with them. I promise you the rewards are priceless.

As always, I wish you a safe and peaceful night.


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Falling in love with RVA day 13: A tall glass of Sweet Teas

Peach Tea from Sweet TeasOn Friday September 13th, I decided to take to the streets of RVA after dark and experience the night life. Armed with a pair of my favorite heels, I headed for Shockoe Bottom for dinner and Jazz.

My evening began at Sweet Teas Southern Cuisine on 18th and Main Streets. I’d never been there before and sort of stumbled on it. For my dining pleasure, I chose the Southern Fried Fish with Mac-n-cheese and fresh Cabbage. Of course, I had a glass of Sweet Peach Tea. While we waited for our meal, we were served some of the best Cornbread, I’d ever eaten.

Not only was the food superb but the service was world class. We were greeted at the door and seated straightaway. The Owner, Shane, came over and personally spoke with us. She told us how all the food was prepared fresh daily, from the greens to the main dishes and of course, the teas. I will definitely return to Sweet Teas Southern Cuisine again and again.

Finally, I, along with my companions stopped at Island Bistro to listen to a live band. The music was great which topped off a wonderful night out on the town. If you are out and about in the Bottom, I highly recommend Sweet Teas Southern Cuisine at 1800 East Main Street.


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Falling in love with RVA day 12: September 12, 2013

MP900302968So many activities, so little time! My adventure today took me to a vendor of fresh fruits and vegetables in the West End. I had passed this stand but never stopped. I purchased a few things and took the scenic route home.

I took this afternoon and looked to see what’s happening in RVA this weekend and I found a plethora of activities. Of course there is the RVA Street Art Festival Friday through Sunday, Hollywood Cemetery Walking Tour, Jazz at C’est le Vin and Island Bistro both in Shockoe Bottom on Friday night, the 43rd Street Festival of the Arts will be held on Saturday, The Tredegar Society’s Bourbon and Bluegrass Bash on Friday, to name a few.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of activities here in the Metro area. I do hope you will get out and enjoy some of what RVA has to offer this weekend, I know I am. As always in closing, I wish you a safe and peaceful weekend.


Savannah J, she adds a little sass in every page.

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Falling in love with RVA day seven: September 7, 2013

MP900316870My plans took a bit of a detour today but I still had fun, or should I say an interesting time. I opted out of attending The War between the Tastes: Civil War Food Festival as it’s Race Weekend in the RVA and the facility hosting the food festival was in the area of the raceway. Needless to say, I didn’t want to get caught up in traffic. I was a little too late for the South of The James Market and so I chose another adventure.

I attended the Honey Bee Festival in Rockwood Park. It was a great family activity complete with Bee Keepers on site doing talks. Three of them brought their Bees and one had Bees that could be petted. There was face painting, food for sale including honey of course and music. For families with small children, the Honey Bee Festival was the perfect opportunity to present them with something different. Petting the Drones was not for me, but I did enjoy watching the bees in the demonstration hives. I even got to see a Queen Bee, cool huh?

I mentioned in a previous blog how people are giving me suggestions of fun things to do. Well, one provided information on a link listing activities in RVA. It’s a wonderful resource and the list of things is endless. If you are looking for excitement, check it out. The link is http://www.richmond.com/discover-richmond Once there, hover over the Events tab and then click on the Calender tab. You can then select a date on the calender and you will find countless fun things to do in the RVA-Metro area.

As always in closing, I wish you a safe and peaceful evening. Until tomorrow,


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Falling in love with RVA day 6: September 6, 2013

FootballTonight for the first time, I got to enjoy watching my young cousin, play football for Clover Hill High School and I am so proud of him. He is the Quarterback and team captain of the Clover Hill High School Cavaliers. The school spirit and camaraderie among the Cavaliers was impressive.

It’s not unusual to find me in the company of my family, but today was a first in supporting my cousin and I’m so happy I did. I plan to attend as many of his games as I’m able. Tomorrow it’s a toss-up between hanging out at The South of The James Market and The War Between the Tastes: Civil War Foodfest for my fun activity.

I’ve had a long and exciting day and so, I’m going to get some sleep. But before I leave the subject of football, I think for the fist time in years, I’m going to follow a pro ball team. I hail from Wilmington Delaware which is about 30 miles outside of Philadelphia, that makes Philly like a second home. With that being said, I’m leaning toward the Eagles.

As always, I wish you a safe and peaceful night. Until tomorrow,


Savannah J, she adds a little sass in every page.

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The Prey: She knows all about you.

Asha Carrington stepped into Carter’s office looking good enough to eat. As soon as he saw her, he realized his attraction to her, no matter how crazy she had been.   She wore a black cashmere suit with a skirt that hugged her size 24 inch waist, and cupped her butt just right making it appear larger than it actually was. It flared at the hem line.   When she turned to remove her suit jacket, Carter automatically reached to help her. It was if he couldn’t help himself; he had to touch her.   As her jacket slid from her shoulders, Carter allowed his fingers to trace her arms. Asha smiled; her plan was coming together just as expected.

“Have a seat, Asha,” He said, as he looked up and noticed, Elise still in the doorway. Her expression told him she disapproved of his actions.

“I’m leaving your door open; call me if you need anything,” Elise said, as she walked away.

“So, what did you want to discuss with me?” Asha asked. Her aggressiveness reminded him of why he had her in his office in the first place.

“Well,” he started, “I’m curious as to what it is exactly you want from me, Asha.”

“Want?” She feigned confusion.

“Yes, want. You’ve sent me numerous gifts; expensive gifts I might add. Had flowers delivered to my home and insisted on a meeting exclusively with me to have your portfolio revamped. I’d say you want something from me. So, what is it?”

Asha took a minute to answer; she wanted her words to be just right. “When we met on the boat, in New York, I found you to be attractive. I noticed you were with someone so, I stayed my distance. But over the course of the following weeks, I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I knew that if you were on my heart that strongly, you were meant to be a part of my life.”

Carter looked at, Asha as if she had lost her mind. “How can you make that type of judgment call based on one boat ride? You don’t even know me?!”

“But, I do. Didn’t you like the gifts I sent? They were all your favorites. If I didn’t know you, how did I know you like shopping at Saks or eating at Croaker Spot or what type of perfume you enjoy smelling on your woman?! How would I know all of that, if I didn’t know you?!”   Asha’s demeanor had gone from one of calm and engaging to boarder-line agitation. Startled by her out burst, Carter chose his next words very carefully.

“Okay, let me put it this way, I appreciate your interest as a matter of fact, I’m flattered but―”

“But?!” she cut him off and jumped to her feet. “But?!” she repeated once more, “Don’t you find me attractive?”

“Yes, Asha you are a very beautiful woman, but I’m engaged to be married and I’m very much in love with my fiancée.”   The room grew dead silent and the same chill, Carter felt after his phone conversation with, Asha he now felt. She slowly returned to her chair and as she did, Carter swore he saw her eye color change from blue-gray to red.

“Listen, I’m not trying to hurt you, Asha but like I said, I’m already involved. If you want I can return the gifts, well, all except the flowers of course.”

Carter opened a drawer in his desk and removed her gifts one by one. When he placed the bottle of wine in front of her, she lost control.  “What the hell is this?” she hissed barely above a whisper.

“Your stuff.”

“My stuff? This isn’t mine, it’s yours. I gave it to you. I gave you gifts from my heart and you want to return them?” Her tone was quiet, too quite; like the calm before the storm.

“Asha, I can’t accept these things. I can’t accept gifts from clients.”

“Clients?” She continued to speak to him in an eerily quiet tone. Her words had a hiss to them. It was as if she became another person. “Is that all you think of me, is as a client? I moved down here to be close to you.”

“Look, I never asked you to do that. It was your decision to leave New York and move down here. Had you asked me, I could have saved you the trouble of relocating. I would have told you, I’m already in a committed relationship.”  Carter stood. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have another appointment coming up that I need to prepare for.”

Asha stood to her feet and moved to stand in front of Carter. To his senses, she appeared to move in slow motion. When she stopped just short touching him, he found himself once again becoming aroused by her.  “Damn, what the hell kinda perfume is this woman wearing?” He thought to himself, as he fought the erection building in his pants.

“Okay, I’m gonna leave baby because you asked me to but know this, it’s not good-bye.” She handed him her suit jacket and turned her back to him. As he slid the jacket up her arms, his fingers once again traced her flesh; he lingered on the nap of her neck. For some reason, he found that highly erotic.

The Prey: Meet Asha Carrington

Meet Asha Carrington, a woman with alluring eyes and a mysterious past who is hell-bent on having Carter and will stop at nothing to get him.

“What may I get ‘cha ma’ man?” the bartender asked Carter.

“I’d like a scotch on the rocks and a watermelon martini made with 3 parts mixer and one part vodka. Thanks.”

“Comin’ right up,” the burly man behind the bar answered prior to turning away to do his job.

“Cherokee?” a female voice asked.

“Excuse me?” Carter turned to her having realized she was speaking to him.

“I said, are you Cherokee?”

Carter regarded the petite woman for a moment. To his surprise, he found her to be strikingly beautiful. Her deep set, blue-gray eyes seemed to draw him in.

“I apologize if I’ve offended you; I thought you were Native American,” she said, after he still hadn’t answered. This time she smiled as she spoke.

“Well, no you didn’t offend me; I guess I just found your question odd since we’ve never met before.” Her eyes continued to captivate him. Yet at the same time, uneasiness crept over him.

“Oh, would that have made a difference? In that case, please excuse my manners, Asha Carrington. I’m the regional buyer for Finne Jewelers,” she said, as she extended her hand.

“Carter Wood―”

“I know who you are, Mr. Woodson,” Asha said, cutting him off.

“You do?” Carter felt his uneasiness escalate to another level,

“Of course, I always know who is in charge of making my money work for me.”

Carter smiled, but somewhere deep in the back of his mind, a small voice told him to run (not walk) for his life.

“Here you are man.” The bartender placed Carter’s order on the counter. Turning away from, Asha he picked them up.

“You never answered my question,” she said, placing her hand atop his forearm; her grip was firm. Carter swore he felt a chill run from her hand to his arm.

“Awwww..hell to the naw,” Bre whispered under her breath.

“What?” Taryn asked following her gaze.

“Who is that blonde talking with your man? She’s been pushin’ up on him for a minute.”

“I don’t know?” Taryn responded; the smile faded from her lips.

“Matt, who is that chick all over Rusty?” Bre asked using her nick name for Carter.  All the while, she never took her eyes off the couple.

“I don’t know either, but I don’t think Taryn has anything to worry about. Carter is definitely not the messin’ around type,” Matthew said.

“Ummm hummm. It ain’t him I’m concerned about,” Bre added. She didn’t bother to explain her statement.

“What question is that, Asha. I’m kinda in a hurry.”

Asha noticed the edge in Carter’s voice, but it didn’t deter her from pushing for an answer.

“Are you Cherokee?”

“No, I’m not,” he said as he turned to walk away.

“I’m very fascinated by American Indian history. Maybe we can do lunch sometime. I’d love to talk with you about your heritage.”

“Actually, I’m not from New York but thanks anyway for the invite,” he answered as he walked away.

Asha smirked as she watched Carter leave. She thought to herself,’ I know very well you’re not from New York but you will see me again, Mr. Joseph Carter Woodson. We will have lunch and you will share yourself with me. I have big plans for us.’

Taryn noticed the change in Carter’s mood the minute he set the drinks down on the table. “What’s wrong babe?” she asked followed by, “Who was that you were talkin’ too?”

“I don’t know. She said her name is Asha Carrington, one of Finne’s regional buyers,” he answered tersely.

“Oh . . .” Taryn and Bre turned at the same time and noticed Asha still staring at the back of Carter’s head. It didn’t seem to matter to her at all that the two women observed her every move.

“You know man,” Carter said,  directed his comment to Matt instead of Taryn. “I’m about sick of people actin’ like I’m some sort of freak show.” He ran his fingers through his jet black hair as he spoke.

“Just let it roll dawg.” his brother said without needing to ask what had transpired at the bar.

“Chick asked me if I was Cherokee,” Carter said, as if Matt had never spoken.

“What they think the Cherokee is the only tribe in the Indian?!”

“Baby, try and calm down,” Taryn said. “I’m sure she meant no harm – maybe she was just curious.”

“Wanted to have lunch so I could talk with her about my heritage.” Carter continued his rant as if no one had responded to him at all.

“Yo dawg, look,” Matthew said, leaning forward in his seat for emphasis. “We came out tonight to enjoy ourselves courtesy, Finne. Why are you allowing someone who obviously has no couth to ruin your night?”

“I mean, you got your beautiful woman with you. As soon as we dock, you headin’ back to the hotel to enjoy the rest of your night,” Matt nodded toward Taryn when he added the last statement. “And in the morning, we fixin’ to eat breakfast and spend the day hanging out with our ladies. I mean whaz-up?!”

After a few minutes of silence, Carter smiled and agreed with Matthew. Draping his arm around Taryn, he sipped his cocktail. “Betta drink up baby, cause we are gettin’ ready to do some serious dancing.”

As the conversation once again began to flow amongst the group, Bre continued to keep her eyes on Asha. She watched her as she finished her drink and placed the empty glass on the bar. Right before she disappeared into the crowd, Asha finally turned her attention away from Carter and briefly made eye contact with Bre. The slightest hint of evil danced in her eyes. Bre knew had she not been paying attention, she would have missed it.

When Asha finally entered the dance crowd, she blended in so well it was as if she had completely vanished.