The Return of Camelot


Today I was going through a stack of magazines I had obviously put aside to read. One magazine in particular caught my eye. It was a tribute to the Kennedy years. On the cover was a picture of the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his wife the late Jacquelyn Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.  Although I was a child when Kennedy was in office, I remember those years vividly.

John Kennedy was young, handsome, charismatic and intelligent. He was the hope of lower and middle class America, regardless of race or ethnicity. We saw him as sagacious, astute and yet personable. In the eyes of the people in my community he was the answer. Mrs. Kennedy was beautiful, charming, equally as intelligent and quite the trendsetter. Together they were our royalty, our Camelot.

Growing up, my mother encouraged me to find mentors and heroes who looked like me. President  and Mrs. Kennedy did not, but just as the rest of the United States, I embraced them as my own. As a little girl, I was a dreamer. I pretended to be a princess, acted out plays with my dolls, even wrote a few stories back then. The Kennedy’s brought the splendor of Camelot into my little world and then just as the magic began with John Kennedy’s Presidency, it was one day silenced. Our President was assassinated and my Camelot was gone.

I’m now a grown woman with a child of my own, but I never completely let go of my desire for the return of Camelot. My wish was granted on November 4, 2008 with the election of President Barack Hussein Obama. For me he was young, handsome, charismatic, and intelligent. I saw him as sagacious, astute and yet personable. His wife, Mrs. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was beautiful, charming, equally as intelligent and quite the trendsetter. Together they were and still are my royalty and the return of Camelot.

The fact that Mr. Obama’s Presidency is the subject of controversy is no secret and this is not a political  opinion. This is the expression of a grown woman, who saw her childhood dream realized. My Camelot has returned in all it’s splendor and above all, they look just like me.

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The Torch Has Been Passed…

Olympic TorchIn the circle of life, we should all have a successor, someone to carry the torch forward if you will, when it’s our time to rest. Our job is to guide as well as train a young person (or persons) to carry on not just our legacy, but that of our ancestors as well.

It’s no secret, I feel I’m blessed to come from a great family and as I looked about yesterday during a family gathering at all the young people, I realized, it’s our turn. Our turn to lead, guide and train so that when as, President Kennedy said “The torch has been passed to new generation…” they will be prepared.

My mother, the late Ella Brooks Roane Jackson as well as my god-mother, the late C. Gwendolyn Colvin were two women who greatly impacted my life. They loved, guided, trained and mentored me to carry their torches forward, but they were not the only ones. There were others, male and female, family, friends and teachers who helped shape my life.

Now, it is my turn to give back and to help prepare our next generation of torch bearers; to pour into the lives of  my family and community. So, I ask you, who are you readying to step up and lift the banner high when “The Torch Has Been Passed to a New Generation…”

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