Good day! “The Power of Positive Thinking”

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Good day! I really mean it, this is a good day! Okay, how many times have you heard someone declare gloom and doom over themselves before the Rooster has a chance to crow. They’re greeted with smile and a hearty good morning to which they reply, what’s so good about it.

What many fail to realize is our words have power. Once released, they accomplish exactly what they’re sent to do. The results may not occur spontaneously or the following day but believe you me, the impact is inevitable.

I’ve learned to be careful what I allow to leave my mouth. I profess health, success and happiness over myself, even when circumstances deem otherwise. One night at work I had a particularly rough assignment. When I went into our lounge for a glass of water, the comment was made by two co-workers how tough my night appeared to be going. One even expressed sympathy for me; my response was silence.  After a few seconds, they realized I wasn’t feeding into the negativity and asked me if I was okay with the way things were happening. I replied, “I have a good helper and besides, this is just one day out of my entire life.” In response to my answer one added, “I should have your attitude.”

Learning to practice positive thinking is as simple as changing our outlook on life, the difficult piece in the beginning, is practicing this on a daily basis. We must retrain our thought process and then stand firm in the face of the negativity the world brings. Sometimes this means aligning ourselves with new friends, turning off the television or watching new shows. It can even bring a change in music for us. For me it’s been worth it.

I believe good health and longevity of life are all tied into our attitude. I intend to spend my years here on earth living life to the fullest. The only way I can accomplish that, is by having a great perspective and greeting each morning by telling myself, this is a good day. Now, I’m not saying all my days are wonderful and I don’t sometimes feel sorry for myself, because I do. During those times, I allow myself a few minutes of feeling down and then I pick myself up by the bootstraps, dust myself off and remind myself of all the goodness life has to bring.

My challenge to you, if you don’t already do so is to rise up each morning and declare, yup, today is a good day! I guarantee, no matter what life throws at you, if you start your day off  with positive thinking and affirmations, anything is possible.


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