Amazing things happen when men of God pray.

Men praying

I’m blessed to have a small circle of men in my life I call friends. Each of them is special to me; some I’ve known my entire life, a couple I’ve known for more than 20 years. Theses guys are special because they are men of God and they know how to get a prayer through. I call them my heavy artillery. I call on them when my back is against the wall and I need some serious backup. Now, I also have strong women of God in my life as well but I believe something amazing happens when men of God pray.

Okay don’t get me wrong, I believe women can also war in the Spirit. My mother was one of the greatest prayer warriors who ever walked the face of the earth. I just think we as women can learn something from men who pray. I’ve found when I call on my guy friends, they listen quietly to my concern and only when I’m finished do they ask questions. They don’t interject or cut me off with what’s going on with them or their family. The focus is on my need only.

Sometimes we as women listen but we tie ourselves into the equation. As I said my mother had the gift of prayer. I can remember whenever someone would call her, she would listen and then, she’d pray. Not once did the situation become about her. How many times have you called a girl friend for prayer and end up interceding for them. As I said earlier, I feel we as women can learn something from men who pray. They know how to listen with their mouths closed and their ears open and then they go to war.

I’m doing a devotional on prayer and in it, I’m looking at different people’s prayers in the Bible. Today I was reading one of David’s and it dawned on me, he really knew how to pray. I thought about the Apostle Paul and his prayers and of course the prayers of Jesus. I’m learning to pray as these great men of God did. This blog is not to say women can’t get a prayer through, it’s to acknowledge a special group of gentlemen in my life.

There are those that say men and women can’t be just friends, well I beg to differ. I wouldn’t take anything for my guy friends. They teach me so many valuable lessons.  Above all they teach me that amazing things happen when men of God pray.


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