“If You Can’t Be The Sun Be A Star”

starAs a child my mother often used poetry to motivate me to complete a task or believe in myself if I were feeling doubtful. One poem she used to encourage me is “Be A Star If You Cannot Be The Sun” by the Late Douglas Malloch. The poem is far too long to quote here, but if you haven’t read it, may I suggest you do.

In this world where everyone wants to walk the red carpet, write a best selling movie or novel, or live the glamours life of the rich and famous, we forget that may not be the direction life has for us. Not everyone is cut out to be a leader, some of us are better suited for support staff, which is fine. I have found my abilities are stronger at coordinating and pulling projects together than leading. I’m a behind the scenes kinda person.

It may seem if we aren’t the biggest and brightest out there, we aren’t fulfilling our destiny. Well, where would the sun be without the moon and stars? We may not be world renown but we can still live equally if not more productive lives than those in the spotlight.

There are needs to be met right in our own backyards and communities. We can put our hands to the plow and make a difference right where we are. Organizations that feed the homeless, mentor at-risk youth, spend time with the elderly and forgotten to name a few would love to have our assistance.

The next time you feel as though you’re not as successful as you’d like because you aren’t an accomplished actress, or scientist.  You haven’t made the New York Times Best Seller List or won a Noble Prize, or maybe your name isn’t on the tongue of everyone you meet; take a walk outside on clear night and look up.

Our night sky is full of beautiful stars and a gorgeous moon. Those same stars and moon have guided many a lost sailor or hiker. They’ve provided comfort to to those separated from loved ones when they realize the person of their affection is gazing at the same sky. My point is, we all matter if we just believe we do. So, remember as my mother used to tell me, “If you can’t be a highway, then just be a trail, IF YOU CAN’T BE THE SUN, BE A STAR; It isn’t by size that you win or you fail-BE THE BEST OF WHATEVER YOU ARE!”


Savannah J, providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life. 


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For The Ladies: Stay The Course

MP900390480Greeting ladies! Today I would like to talk with you about our ambitions. I’m sure many of you have goals, plans and dreams. I’m also sure many of you are either working on or have fulfilled some if not all of your goals, plans and dreams. But there are some of you who may have lost hope in achieving your desires. Perhaps it’s because someone shot holes in your plans or you became confused as a result of too many voices offering you direction and it caused you to become discouraged. Whatever your reason for giving up, I’d like to encourage you to breathe life into your aspirations and then, Stay The Course. 

It’s very important when we are working on a project, that we surround ourselves with others who are on the same highway of thought. Equally important is finding a mentor or two willing to guide us in our quest. It can, however, become confusing when too many people offer advice. As my mother used to say, “Too many cooks spoil the stew.” Even more devastating are comments from the Nay-Sayers.

Nay-Sayers are those who for whatever reason, choose to tear down another’s dreams. I’m not sure the motivation behind their negativity, and frankly I don’t try to figure them out. I just know, if you want your plans to succeed, “run do not walk to the nearest exit” and get away from the Nay-Sayers.

Once you breathe life into your plans do not allow anyone or anything to turn you around. Ladies, Stay The Course; our goals are achievable. No matter how large or small, you can do it. I’m not saying it will be easy because anything worth having rarely comes easily, but it’s more than worth the struggle. So, stand up tall, square your shoulders, look life straight in the eyes and revitalize your ambitions and no matter what, Stay The Course. 


Savannah J, providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life.


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For the ladies: Shinning Stars!



Greetings ladies! I’d like to share with you about a wonderful transformation period, I’ve been growing through. During this time, I’ve been reflecting on what got me to this place and the necessity to move forward. I would like to share my journey with you in hopes it will both inspire and encourage you.

In order to understand my journey, let me take you back to the beginning. I was raised by a mother who believed in me from day one. She, along with my older sisters poured greatness into me, and like a sponge, I soaked it up. In my later years, however, my growth would be temporarily stunted as I would encounter young women who were apparently intimidated or made uncomfortable by my personality.  I was labeled as one who “thought I was cute,” or “thought I was better than everyone else.” This ladies, wasn’t the case at all but it was enough to stop me in my tracks. To further illustrate my point, consider this analogy.

There are billions of stars in the sky, some shine brighter than others but they all shine. Each of the stars has a purpose, just as God created each of us with a purpose. Some people are created to be leaders, while there are those who are placed in the auxiliary role. What we must understand is each role is important. Where would the President be without his Vice President and supportive staff. How could a General lead an army into battle without the backing of his soldiers. The young women I encountered back then were too immature to grasp that truth but more importantly, I allowed myself to succumb to the peer pressure and jealousy and tucked myself away.

As I embark on this new awaking in myself, one thing has become clear; the voices of discouragement and disparagement are not relegated to childhood alone.  We often hear the advice, to be careful with whom we share our plans, visions and goals. This, my dear sisters is pure truth.

I have found even in adulthood there are those who are so busy coveting their sister’s star, they can’t see the light emanating from their own. These women, perhaps struggling to deal with their own pain, will place a damper on someone else in order to feel good about themselves. If you’ve encountered this type of friend, it’s important to remove yourself from their company as quickly as possible. She may be a family member or close friend; it doesn’t mean you stop loving them, or even hanging out with them, it just means you must guard your heart. As we grow, it’s important to share our dreams and goals with like-minded individuals and those who are currently more successful than we. By doing so, we surround ourselves with positive energy.

As I mature and become comfortable in my skin and with who I am, I find doors are opening on a daily basis. I’ve embraced who God has created me to be and I no longer allow the negative opinions, stares or comments of others to deter me. “I have gone from zero to my own hero . . .” like the words in Katy Perry’s song “Roar.”

My diet has improved, I exercise three to four times weekly and I spend each morning in the Word of God. These are some of the steps I’ve taken to turn my life around and move in the direction God has for me and thereby fulfill the destiny my mother saw in me. I hope as you read my words, you will embrace your star and let it shine brightly and remember what God has for you is for you. Find your own truth and grab a hold to it. Spend time with you and your Higher Power (I choose to call mine God) and your inner star will guide you in the direction of growth unique to you.  Now, go get your blessings!


Savannah, she adds a little sass in every page.

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The anatomy of a stalker.

one eye

I do believe my most challenging and favorite piece at once is The Prey. And as I develop the characters in the sequel titled Twins: And Then There Were Two, I’m finding it to be equally as demanding. My dilemma as I create the formidable personalities of my protagonist and her allies is, what constitutes the anatomy of a stalker?

I’ve found they can be your friendly and helpful neighbor or a co-worker or the young person who waits on you at the local convenience store. It can be someone with a tragic childhood or not. But always, it’s an individual who seems to come out of nowhere with the ability to steal your peace and wreak havoc in your life.

As I develop Arial’s personality, (my protagonist) and her equally twisted accomplices, the twins Dillon and Doniel  I’d like to share snippets of the story here. Feel free to comment as I go along. Twins: And Then There Were Two is the story of, Arial a deranged young woman with a appetite for murder whose goal is to vindicate her sister. Along the way, she befriends, Dillon and Doniel who voluntarily join her quest for revenge.

I do hope you enjoy the sneak peeks into Twins: And then There Were Two and it prequel The Prey, and my journey into the anatomy of a stalker.


Savannah J, she adds a little sass to every page.

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Things Are Not Always as They Appear.

violinWhen I was a little girl, my mother read me a beautiful poem titled “The Touch of The Master’s Hand.” Her point in reading the poem was to teach me that everything has value regardless of it’s appearance. One morning as I slowly awakened, I recalled having the most beautiful dream and once fully alert, I realized I’d dreamed about the a fore mentioned poem.

I don’t know about you, but I believe all things happen for a reason and many times our dreams carry a message. As I contemplated the dreams meaning, the thought occurred to me to share the dream in a short story. Perhaps it just may bless someone. That being said, my dream:

Chapter 1

“I’d love for your son to have this,” the old man said as he offered the violin to his student’s mother.

Ms. Emily Brown regarded Mr. Joe as he was affectionately called. Her eyes carefully surveyed the instrument now worn and tattered by years of use. The body of the violin was nicked in various places. The color was faded as well and the chin rest was covered by a frayed and well-worn piece of moleskin. The strings of the bow were no longer a warm ivory but a yellow.

“No, thank you, Mr. Joe. I’m saving to buy my son a new violin,” Emily replied as gently as she could.

Mr. Joe had been good to her and her son, Jeremy. He charged them far less than other teachers in the area and he allowed Jeremy to come to his home straight from school three days a week. After his lesson, Mr. Joe shared his dinner with her young man and watched over him until she got there to pick him up. On those nights, Jeremy’s homework was always completed and she’d find the two of them watching an old cowboy movie.

“Are you sure, it could save you some money?” This time Mr. Joe smiled, and when he did little lines formed around his eyes and lips giving his face a warm glow.

“I’m sure.”

Mr. Joe continued to smile. “I understand,” he said. “Well then, why don’t you take your Jeremy to hear the Philharmonic this weekend. I have a pair of tickets and I won’t be needing them.” He extended an envelope.

Emily frowned and then shook her head. “Oh no, I couldn’t take those from you-”

“Yes, you can and you will,” he cut her off. “Besides, I’ve already told Jeremy he’s going.”

Chapter 2

“Hurry up mom, we’re going to be late!” Jeremy called to his mother.

“I’m coming right now.” Emily gave herself another look in the mirror. She wore her best black dress and heels – styled her hair and applied makeup to her face. She knew the type of persons who attended classical functions and could only hope she and Jeremy would fit in.

As they sat in their seats waiting for the performance to start, Emily looked around. She wondered why Mr. Joe had given away such expensive tickets. As it turned out, she and Jeremy had a pair of the best seats in the house. Suddenly the chatter began to quiet as the lights dimmed and the conductor took his place in front of the orchestra. He raised his baton and with what seemed like one stroke, the most beautiful music filled the air.

A short while into the piece, the sound of a violin rose above the other instruments. When the spotlight focused on the soloist, Jeremy sat forward and exclaimed, “Mom! Look! It’s Mr. Joe!”

Emily sat in awe as the sound of the stringed instrument serenaded her and the rest of the audience. The light reflecting off Mr. Joe’s violin caused the wood to gleam but it paled in comparison to the smile on her son’s face. When she searched the program for Mr. Joe’s name, he was not only the featured soloist for the night but his biography listed him as a Master Violinist.

Chapter 3

As the audience began to file out into the lobby once the concert ended, Jeremy turned to his mother. “May we go back stage and see Mr. Joe? Please?

“Oh sweetie, we don’t have backstage passes beside, Mr. Joe would be gone by the time we got there.” As soon as the words left her mouth, an usher appeared and called her by name. He’d come to take them to Mr. Joe.

Mr. Joe introduced them to everyone, including the conductor for the evening. The pride at showing Jeremy off was evident on Mr. Joe’s face. When he pulled the violin he’d used for the performance from it’s case at Jeremy’s request, Emily was surprised to see it was the same one Mr. Joe had attempted to give her.

The wood was polished to a glow and it smelled of the oil used to clean it. The bow once lose and yellowed now appeared taunt and bright. “What did you do to it?” Emily started. “I thought that violin was too old and banged up for my son when you offered it to me, but tonight it sounded angelic and it seems brand new. And you, I had no idea you were a Master Violinist. ”

“My dear Emily. Things are not always as they appear. You probably figured, I was just an old man who’d taken an interest in your son – and I have.” He then held up his instrument. “And you thought this violin with it’s aged appearance couldn’t possibly have much use left to it.  How could something as old as this violin be of value?”

“Let me show you something.” Mr. Joe took a seat and gestured for Jeremy and Emily to do the same. Once he had their attention, Mr. Joe explained the history of the instrument. It was hand crafted by a famous Italian violin maker and was valued at a great price. He held it so they could see the maker’s seal. “I want you and your son to have this,” he said.

“Mr. Brown, I couldn’t possibly take that.”

“Emily, you can and you will, besides, I’ve already told Jeremy it was his.”

The End

The moral to my story is quite clear. Often times we misjudge people as washed up when they should be venerated. We mistake a valuable antique as a worthless piece of trash when it should be appreciated. The next time the opportunity presents itself in life to delve a little deeper, do so, remembering things are not always as they appear. 


By Savannah Jackson, she adds a little sass in every page. 


And Then Comes Winter


I believe winter may be the least favorite season of the four. I mean think about it, we have spring with it’s newness and freshness. The trees and flowers bloom,  animals begin to scurry about as well as people. We have warm days and cool nights – who can beat that?

Following spring comes summer with it’s sun filled mornings that last well into the evening. Concerts abound, as do family outings and road trips. And what’s better than a day or week at the beach? For those unable to make it to the beach or perhaps don’t have a fancy for the ocean, there’s always the pool. The laughter of children fill the air, lovers walk hand in hand or take carriage rides through the park.

The fall with it’s breathtaking landscape from deep reds to burnt orange is perhaps the most beautiful of all. Not only does nature put on a show with it’s vibrant colors but the harvest abounds. There are so many delicious foods to choose from and for those who enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, we celebrate the grape.

As fall comes to a close, we notice the trees gradually begin to lose their leaves; flowers lose their blooms and the animals begin to burrow in for the impending cold. And then comes winter. The foliage we enjoyed is now gone, the grass turns brown and even the weeds die. Animals hibernate as do many of us. When glance outside, the once vibrant landscape now appears dull and lifeless, but alas beneath the ground something wondrous is taking place.

In the winter months, trees and plants enter a dormancy stage akin to hibernation in animals. I find it fascinating that even plants rest and they don’t resist; they allow nature to take it’s course, if you will. Winter comes for each of us as well but it seems a period in our lives we often loath.

We can find winter to be  frustrating and vexatious as our plans fail to come to fruition. It seems others are prospering and we are relegated to observe from the sidelines. It’s during these times, I implore you to take heart. Winter comes for a reason. Every living creature benefits from rest, so relax and trust your spring is coming.

After a season of rest (winter) nature is energized and able to once again flourish. I remember being discouraged and disheartened with my singing or should I say lack of opportunities to perform after I relocated to another state. A friend in an effort to console me offered it wasn’t my season. Well, years later I realize it wasn’t the fact that it wasn’t my season for my music, God was using that winter season to prepare the writer in me.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 advises, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” It’s up to us to align our lives in harmony with what is really quite natural and in doing so reap the benefits. If this happens to be your winter or you see it quickly approaching, again I say relax and rest assured knowing, after winter without fail comes spring.


By Savannah Jackson, she adds a little sass in every page.


Make new friends but keep the old . . .

goldI remember singing a song as a child with the words, “Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.” Being a child, I had no idea the impact behind the meaning of those words. Now that I’m older, I realize what a tremendous blessing it is to have friends, especially old friends.

Several times a year my high school classmates and I gather for fellowship and fun. We hangout and catch up on the latest happenings in our lives. We decided a few years ago not to wait for class reunions that come around every ten years, but to enjoy each other in the now.  These friends have been a part of my life since Kindergarten. We have a bond that can’t be broken. The childhood friends from my years of growing up in 8th Street Baptist Church are still a part of my life as well and we stay in touch and see each other as time permits.

There is a saying, “friends come and go” but I say true friends are there for life. I know beyond a shadow of doubt my heart friends would be by my side in a instant if I needed them. Now, this doesn’t mean I have newer friends whom I don’t appreciate like my longtime friends, because I do. And some of them have been a part of my life for a few years and will be there for years to come.

Perhaps there are friends or family from years gone by you think of often but haven’t taken the time to reach out to. I strongly suggest you do so. Life is too sweet not to share the goodness with those we love. No better time than the present to rekindle and enjoy.

So, make a call, send an email or text today and I promise a whole world of love, excitement and joy will open up to you.

As always in closing, I wish you a peaceful night. Blessings!

By Savannah Jackson, she adds a little sass in every page.