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It’s easy to sometimes look at our lives and feel we are insignificant because we aren’t in the “lime light,” if you will. Okay, perhaps I’m dating myself with the term “lime light.”  For those unfamiliar with that colloquialism, it refers to persons who have positions that place them at the center of public attention.

I can remember wanting to complete music school and take Broadway by storm. But because of a series of unfortunate events and poor decisions on my part, I didn’t make it to Broadway. I thought my artistic contribution to society and those close to me was insignificant as my name wasn’t in lights. I wanted to travel and sing before thousands; I wanted to make a difference. What I failed to see was, I had made a difference.

During my senior year in high school I was privileged to tour five European  with a choir and jazz band as the lead soloist. I didn’t sing before thousands in Europe but I’m sure I touched the hearts of those who heard me as I received standing ovations. At my home church and in school, I was often the featured soloist.

After graduation from high school, my mother came to me with a story of a gentleman who was bedridden and close to death. This gentleman was the father of a family friend. My mother told me he and his wife were sitting with the windows open on the day of my graduation to get some fresh air. They lived only a short distance from my school. Our ceremony was outside and so, the gentleman and his wife could hear our festivities.

I led the choir that day in a song titled The Omnipotence by Franz Shubert. It’s said, the gentleman told his wife my voice sounded like the voice of an angel. The couple told their daughter, who told my mother the story of how my voice blessed her dad on that day. It’s been forty one years since I graduated high school and that story still makes my eyes fill with water.

You see, I now realize our names don’t have to be in lights or on the tongues of every household to make a difference. If we are going about God’s will for our lives and touching those around us with His love, our deeds are significant in His eyes. Our accomplishments in Christ, however minor they may appear in our opinion, matter. We don’t have to be rich and famous to touch lives. We don’t have to reach millions to have an impact. Just as my voice blessed an ill gentleman and brought him a bit of joy, so do all our acts of kindness because, God notices every one.

I’ve included the link to The Omnipotence by Franz Schubert as sung by the Morman Tabernacle Choir for your enjoyment. And remember “great is Jehovah the Lord!”  The Omnipotence


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