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Welcome to The Authors’ Corner. This week’s featured author is Naana Kyereboah of The Sister Scribes.

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Naana Kyereboah, originally from Ghana, is a writer, teacher, and speaker. She loves to write
poetry and children’s stories. Her poems have been printed in various anthologies. She has taught
world cultures at the Center for Talented Youth (affiliated with Johns Hopkins University) and at
the James Farmer Scholars Program (Mary Washington College). She has also chaired and
coordinated several multicultural activities and international day celebrations in her community
and schools, teaching about the Ghanaian culture. She is a member of the Society for Children’s
Book Writers and Illustrators. Naana lives in Virginia with her husband, Thomas. They have two
daughters and a son.


  Book Synopsis 

Soul Name is a cultural picture book and audio CD about an eight-year old Ghanaian girl, Ekua, who shares with the reader the importance of the naming and welcoming ceremony for her brother Kofi.

“Cultural, Colorful, Rhythmic. These words fail to fully define Naana Kyereboah’s book, Soul Name. However, they are a good start. Reading her book is like sitting on the floor, listening to a beloved relative tell a story. In this case, the relative is eight-year old narrator, Ekua, and her story involves the naming ceremony for children in Ghana’s Fante tribe. Her powerful words, the vivid illustrations and the attached CD combine to make Soul Name a multi-sensory experience” (Richmond’s Book Examiner, K. Robinson) Naana offers An African Touch presentations to schools and organizations.

For more information on Naana and to purchase your copy of Soul Name visit her website at . To schedule An African Touch presentation at your school or organization email Naana at

Get a copy and find out your child’s soul name.

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My Cup Overflows

cup overflow

As I look back over my life, I’ve come to realize I had an amazing childhood. I was blessed with a loving family both immediate and extended. The hero of my childhood, my dad in my eyes was one of the greatest men who ever lived.

My father was both provider and protector of my mother, my sisters and brother and me. He made our lives both fun and magical. There was never a dull moment with dad and he could make walking to corner store or going to the park an adventure.

I recall one winter we had a really bad snow storm come through my hometown. Dad got my brother and me all bundled up in our snow suits, hats, gloves and boots and took us on a walkabout to the local five and dime store. As my brother and I warmed ourselves by the heater, my father and the owner of the store chatted it up. I remember my father’s laughter that night as it filled the store.  It was one of many nights when I felt safe and warm and loved.

During the days when I was in elementary school, we had homeroom mothers. The job of the homeroom mother was to chaperon trips, assist with class parties and bring treats for the students from time to time. Well, my brother and I didn’t have a homeroom mother, we had a homeroom father. You see, because my father was self-employed, he could close his business and help out around our school as needed. The boys in our classes especially enjoyed having dad around.

There were so many other things he did that brought us joy. For instance, sometimes on Saturdays, my mother would pack a huge picnic lunch. Dad would load our family and as many neighborhood kids as would fit into the car and take us to the park. There he would play all sorts of games with us like kickball, baseball or even dodge ball.

It may seem as though my focus here is only on my father and not at all on my mother. That isn’t at all the case; I couldn’t have asked for a better mother.  You see during my childhood, my father was the one who made our lives magical and fun. He was the playful and adventurous one; the pillar of our family. And then one early morning at about 3 a.m. or so, there came a pounding on the front door and in a few short words, the magic was gone.


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And Then Comes Winter


I believe winter may be the least favorite season of the four. I mean think about it, we have spring with it’s newness and freshness. The trees and flowers bloom,  animals begin to scurry about as well as people. We have warm days and cool nights – who can beat that?

Following spring comes summer with it’s sun filled mornings that last well into the evening. Concerts abound, as do family outings and road trips. And what’s better than a day or week at the beach? For those unable to make it to the beach or perhaps don’t have a fancy for the ocean, there’s always the pool. The laughter of children fill the air, lovers walk hand in hand or take carriage rides through the park.

The fall with it’s breathtaking landscape from deep reds to burnt orange is perhaps the most beautiful of all. Not only does nature put on a show with it’s vibrant colors but the harvest abounds. There are so many delicious foods to choose from and for those who enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, we celebrate the grape.

As fall comes to a close, we notice the trees gradually begin to lose their leaves; flowers lose their blooms and the animals begin to burrow in for the impending cold. And then comes winter. The foliage we enjoyed is now gone, the grass turns brown and even the weeds die. Animals hibernate as do many of us. When glance outside, the once vibrant landscape now appears dull and lifeless, but alas beneath the ground something wondrous is taking place.

In the winter months, trees and plants enter a dormancy stage akin to hibernation in animals. I find it fascinating that even plants rest and they don’t resist; they allow nature to take it’s course, if you will. Winter comes for each of us as well but it seems a period in our lives we often loath.

We can find winter to be  frustrating and vexatious as our plans fail to come to fruition. It seems others are prospering and we are relegated to observe from the sidelines. It’s during these times, I implore you to take heart. Winter comes for a reason. Every living creature benefits from rest, so relax and trust your spring is coming.

After a season of rest (winter) nature is energized and able to once again flourish. I remember being discouraged and disheartened with my singing or should I say lack of opportunities to perform after I relocated to another state. A friend in an effort to console me offered it wasn’t my season. Well, years later I realize it wasn’t the fact that it wasn’t my season for my music, God was using that winter season to prepare the writer in me.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 advises, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” It’s up to us to align our lives in harmony with what is really quite natural and in doing so reap the benefits. If this happens to be your winter or you see it quickly approaching, again I say relax and rest assured knowing, after winter without fail comes spring.


By Savannah Jackson, she adds a little sass in every page. 

Make new friends but keep the old . . .

goldI remember singing a song as a child with the words, “Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.” Being a child, I had no idea the impact behind the meaning of those words. Now that I’m older, I realize what a tremendous blessing it is to have friends, especially old friends.

Several times a year my high school classmates and I gather for fellowship and fun. We hangout and catch up on the latest happenings in our lives. We decided a few years ago not to wait for class reunions that come around every ten years, but to enjoy each other in the now.  These friends have been a part of my life since Kindergarten. We have a bond that can’t be broken. The childhood friends from my years of growing up in 8th Street Baptist Church are still a part of my life as well and we stay in touch and see each other as time permits.

There is a saying, “friends come and go” but I say true friends are there for life. I know beyond a shadow of doubt my heart friends would be by my side in a instant if I needed them. Now, this doesn’t mean I have newer friends whom I don’t appreciate like my longtime friends, because I do. And some of them have been a part of my life for a few years and will be there for years to come.

Perhaps there are friends or family from years gone by you think of often but haven’t taken the time to reach out to. I strongly suggest you do so. Life is too sweet not to share the goodness with those we love. No better time than the present to rekindle and enjoy.

So, make a call, send an email or text today and I promise a whole world of love, excitement and joy will open up to you.

As always in closing, I wish you a peaceful night. Blessings!

By Savannah Jackson, she adds a little sass in every page.

Ms Ella-ism # 6 “Baby, even if the only thing you have is a hatchet…”

hatchetHave you ever had a bill to pay or project or task to complete that seemed unending? I know I have on many occasions. Once when I was young I had a bill to pay that gave the illusion of growing instead of shrinking. In talking it over with my mother, she gave me the best advice.

Now, there is one thing you have to know about my mom and that is she often used analogies to make a point. When it came to my bill, she used the perfect one. She said, “Baby, your bill is like a tree. If you have a Pine tree to chop down and the only thing you have is a hatchet, you can still chop that tree down. All you have to do is take your time and chop at it a little bit everyday. Eventually, that tree will fall.”

Perhaps you’re a writer like me with a deadline to meet or you’re in business with several deadlines. Maybe your bills and finances seem as though they’ll never be right. Whatever your challenge, remember the words of my mom, “Baby, if the only thing you have is a hatchet . . . . All you have to do is take your time and chop at it a little bit everyday. Eventually, that tree will fall.”

As always in parting, I wish you a peaceful night. Blessings!

By Savannah Jackson, “she adds a little sass in every page.”

Falling in Love with RVA

MP900386092 (1)Greetings to all! It’s been a few days since I’ve posted as I’ve not felt well over the last week and haven’t been out and about. Although I have a few days to go before the end of the month, I can honestly say, there is much to do and see in the RVA-Metro Area. I must also admit, I really didn’t give RVA a chance in the entertainment department. 

There is still much to do and see, especially with Fall approaching. There is The 2nd Street Festival, Fall BraZaar, and State Fair of Virginia all on the weekend of October 5th. If you don’t mind driving, there is also the Crab Carnival in West Point Va the weekend of October 5th. The Richmond Folk Festival is October 11th-13th. We also have Fall Wine Tastings at our local Wineries. There’s apple picking in the mountains with the added bonus of colorful foliage as the backdrop. I could go on and on but to save time, as usual I’ll just refer you to the Discover Richmond link which also highlights the top five weekend events for every weekend. How cool is that, huh?

After I discovered all the fun things to do in RVA, it still didn’t diminish my desire to move back home. I miss my childhood friends and family. I miss the sights and smells of my home. You see, I’ve done so much over the past three weeks, it left me exhausted at times, but I did most activities alone. Therein lies a portion of the problem. 

I know, I will one day return to my native state, although it may not be anytime soon. I’m thankful, for all the blessings being in RVA have brought me, especially my son. But as Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home.” Until the time when I return, I will continue to enjoy RVA and the surrounding counties. 

For those of you who’ve given me suggestions of fun things to do, I thank you. To you who’ve followed by blog of Falling in love with RVA, I thank you too. I do hope you will continue to stop by on a regular basis as this is not the end of my stories. And as always in closing, I wish you a safe and peaceful night. 


Savannah J, she adds a little sass in every page 

For information on the activities suggested in the body of my blog, just click on the wording and it will take you to their website. Thank you! 

Falling in love with RVA, day 19-20: Happy Birthday!

??????????????September 19th is my Birthday and on the day of, I had a ball. I didn’t really do anything special during the morning but that night I had my family and a couple close friends over. It was a quiet and intimate gathering. We talked, laughed and caught up on the latest news.

For those of you who don’t know, I love to entertain in my home. At one point, I just sat back and watched everyone enjoy themselves and it made me so happy. Birthdays have taken on a new meaning for me now as I grow older. It doesn’t matter about the gifts or cake and ice cream, what matters are the blessings I’ve received and even challenges I’ve overcome.

The challenges have provided opportunity for growth and gaining wisdom. Two things I deem priceless. The blessings help me focus on the positive. Although, like anyone else, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, my glass is always half-full. To complete another year and gain a new age is such a blessing to me. There are those women who refuse to reveal their ages, but for me, it’s an honor and privilege to answer the age question. After all, I have family and friends who didn’t make 57.

It’s the 20th and the day after my Birthday. I’m not doing anything special in RVA today. I’m relaxing at home and writing. I have a couple things planned for tomorrow but for now, I’m enjoying today. As always, I wish you a safe and peaceful night.


Savannah J, she adds a little sass to every page.