Friday Features

Here’s my Friday Feature on Tracee Lydia Garner’s blog post. Check it out as well as Tracee’s other posts.

Tracee Lydia Garner

It’s Friday and it’s time to meet author,

Savannah J.

About her new book, Raising Tristan

Raising Tristan.jpgRaising Tristan is a story of Shiloh Milner, a gentleman who is involved in a relationship with Angela Pitchard. Their relationship is purely for companionship; she doesn’t love him, he doesn’t love her. When Angela who has made it clear she does not want children finds herself pregnant, Shiloh convinces her to have the baby. Twenty-four hours after their son, Tristan is born; Angela checks herself out of the hospital and disappears. With the help of his parents, and his new lady love, the beautiful Moselle Laveau, Shiloh devotes his life to caring for his son. But as time goes on will Moselle turn out to be all Shiloh believes her to be and will she be an asset in Raising Tristan.

   Get Your Copy of Raising Tristan here

Here’s a few more…

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