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Welcome to The Authors’ Corner. This week’s featured author is Carla Youngblood.

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Carla D. Youngblood is a life strategist, speaker, and author of three books. She is an expert at teaching women how to bring order and structure to their lives and build a life in preparation to meet life’s challenges. As a coach she works with women leaders in business and ministry, who need a place where they can share openly, without fear of retribution. As a preacher’s daughter she knows first-hand the necessity for leaders to honestly be able to share their stories. Carla believes that when women are able to care for themselves they are better able to care of others; it is a philosophy she practices daily.


Emotions COVER


Book Excerpt 

Emotions of the Mind
Fragile minds exist because we struggle with trying to tell the mind what it already knows. The renewed mind is one that is accepting of the finished work of Christ. The fragility of our minds is necessary to push us to easily embracing the truth of our minds. Part of my own journey to this place of renewal, was being able to keep the process free of struggle. The work was to not give in to my thoughts that were contrary to what was already true about me.
Every day I was tested with thoughts which tried to persuade me to think differently. It meant that when the contrary thoughts came I had to search for another thought to think instead. I spent a lot of time reading Philippians 4:8. I had to allow my thoughts to go to my divine nature’s way of thinking and being. The work was for me to decide to come to a place called rest. We will talk more about this in another chapter.
A wondering mind will think about anything, it is subject to those 60,000 thoughts. I believe we are all just one thought away from victory or defeat depending on what you choose to think. If you want to renew your mind, the thought process must become intentional. You cannot afford to allow the mind to drift into places unguarded. The mind is so powerful, it will create whatever it wants.


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