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Welcome to The Authors’ Corner. This week’s featured author is LaShawn Hewlett-Wilson of The Sister Scribes. 

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Passion for writing books has always been in LaShawn’s heart. Her debut novel, Forbidden Fruit” has been described as a “wonderful” love story filled with suspense and drama. La ’Shawn loves writing romance novels because she says it’s nothing like creating a story surrounded by erotica, suspense and drama, which portray characters burning with lust, love, and passion.

LaShawn’s focus is to inspire many readers with novels that will allow them to capture the essence of every sultry, raw, and passionate story, bringing a new, fresh, and exciting outlook to romance writing. The sequel, Forbidden Fruit 2 was released on September 11, 2015. LaShawn Hewlett-Wilson is CEO/Founder of Bittersweet Publications, LLC., and resides in Richmond, VA with her husband and three children.



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   Book Synopsis
Rayne Armstrong was blissfully married to her childhood sweetheart Rashard and she thought she had it all- perfect career, perfect looks, perfect home, and the perfect husband. So when her marriage came crumbling down due to Rashard’s infidelity, she felt her world was turned upside down. Rayne begins to feel her life spiraling out of control, and she is grateful her family and best friend are there to help her pick up the pieces.

Devastated by her divorce, Rayne promised herself she would avoid relationships because they were too complicated—until her instant attraction to sexy and handsome Bryce Underwood, a successful Real Estate Broker caught her off guard. Unexpectedly, she finds herself becoming emotionally involved but there is just one problem- he is married.

Rayne finds herself in a vicious love triangle as she struggles with her burning desire for Bryce and still being in love with Rashard. Then there is the wildcard Troy, whom is determined to win her heart which throws her into a whirlwind of pleasure and anguish. All hell breaks loose when secrets are unveiled, and Rayne emotions began to collide. Torn between the world of love and temptation, will Rayne finally realize which man is truly the one…?

For more information on LaShawn and to purchase her books visit her website at

To follow Lashawn on social media: Facebook Fan Page: Bittersweet Publications
Instagram: Misslala2U


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