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Welcome to The Authors’ Corner. This week’s featured author is Wykinnya Whitehurst of The Sister Scribes.





My name is Wykinnya Whitehurst. I’m a woman of God, Wife, mother, entrepreneur, author and speaker. My passion and purpose in life is to help women live their dream and purpose. The name of my business is Dream Out Loudd, LLC. I help people bring the dreams and visons they have in their heads into fruition by proving the necessary tools, steps and guidance to achieve those goals.

I published my first and only book “Things Collected Along the Way” in 2014. It is a 365 daily devotional filled a cumulation of direct and indirect difficult experiences that has been turned on its ear to provide my readers with encouragement and hope as they fight their own battles. Often times when we are going through trials and tribulations we feel alone and no one could possibly understand. This book is to let you know that you are not alone, and you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.


Front Cover


For more information on Wykinnya and Dream Out Loudd, LLC and to purchase her book visit her website at


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