No Do Overs!

IMG_0274In life there are no do-overs. I’m sure every person on this earth wishes at one time or another to change something from the past. We all have painful and/or disappointing memories. Well, to that I say we must move on.

I’ve found myself more times than I can count ruminating on something I’ve done or said that I wish I could take back. I finally learned rehashing those times was only hurting me. I’m a firm believer in filling our mind and spirit with as much positivity as possible and mulling over things we can’t change does no good.

It’s one thing to learn from our past mistakes, it’s another to beat ourselves up. So for this year and years to come, lets make a promise to ourselves to leave the past exactly where it is. Let us look to the future with the excitement and expectation of a child. Have you ever noticed the look in a child’s eyes when experiencing something new? Their eyes radiate with joy. As adults we can learn from them.

The time is now and so lets “seize the moment” and only look back when we need a reminder not to make the same mistake twice. We have today. Lets be present and live for now.

As always, I hope my thoughts encourage you.


Savannah J. providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life.

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