It’s interesting how death removes our loved ones from our physical presence but cannot steal our memories. That being said, I’ve found myself missing my oldest sister quite a bit lately. She passed away seventeen years ago this coming May. She was one of my mentors and “The Wind Beneath My Wings” on many occasion.

As I grow and continue to develop into who I was created to be, I’m doing some pretty amazing things. With each accomplishment I’ve wanted  to run to the phone and call “Sister;” (that was her family nickname) and share. But alas, I can’t. (Her given name was Mary. For the sake of confusion, I’ll use her given name.)

My sister, Mary was a remarkable woman and I’m not just saying that because she was my sister. There are many who can attest to my opinion. She touched so many lives during her short stay here on earth. For me, next to my mother, Mary was my biggest cheerleader. In her eyes there was nothing I couldn’t achieve.

I often joke by saying if I told Mary, I wanted to build a ladder to the moon, she would reply, you can do it! There was nothing I could say or do that would cause her to judge or think ill of me. I would often call her and pour my heart out, sharing my hopes, dreams and disappointments. I never felt sharing with my sister was a mistake.

Not only do I miss her presence, I miss her wisdom. My sister’s advice to my quandaries was priceless and her suggestions always proved to work. I’m so thankful, although death removes our loved ones from our physical presence, it can’t steal our memories. My time with my sister is planted ineradicably in my mind and heart where I can visit with her whenever I like. For that, I’m grateful. My sister died young, so I say to you cherish your loved ones every day. Remember tomorrow isn’t promised.

As always, I hope my thoughts encourage you.


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