I Am More Than Capable. Part 3



It’s been said, if we remain in “flight or fight” on a continual basis, because of stress, it causes harm to our bodies. My goal was to remain as stress free as possible during my work hours. I attempted to develop an attitude adjustment, sort of an acceptance of my circumstances and not allowing them to affect me. Keeping up that type of effort on a frequent basis can be exhausting.

I found myself so miserable, I began to talk about the five year job I’d had and how wonderful it was. What I didn’t realize was, that’s passive aggressive behavior that had no baring on my situation. I was attempting to get some sort of respect from my co-workers. I failed to see just because my former supervisor and team found me a valuable partner, didn’t mean my present co-workers would.

My change finally came when I opened myself up to what my good friend had been saying all along.  I was more than capable of doing my job. I began to work on my self confidence and self esteem, not only on the job, but in life. Working on myself outside of my job proved to be beneficial; when we feel good about ourselves on a daily basis, it spills over into everything.

There are still some challenges from a few co-workers from time to time but my method of handling the situation is different. I politely confront them, especially if I overhear them discussing me without inviting me to the meeting, in other words, talking about me behind my back. If their criticism is constructive and valid, I listen and apply it to my work habits. In the event it’s petty, I throw their words out the window.

I now realize my self worth. Psalm 139:14 in the New Living Translation says, “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it.” It no longer matters what my co-workers think of me; I think a lot of myself and so does God. I am more than capable of doing my job and much more.

It may have taken me time to get to this place of self-healing but I’m here. I received an added bonus, when the major bullies took different jobs. I’m excited for my future and the plans I’ve made. I challenge myself on a daily basis to live outside the box after all, I can’t spread my Eagles wings inside a tiny space.

I implore you to seek your full potential; live on the edge; shake off the naysayers. Don’t waste another second living in the shadows. Spread your mighty wings and soar. And remember, if you’re going to be an Eagle, be a Harpy.

As always, I hope my thoughts encourage you.


Savannah J. providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life.


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