I Am More Than Capable. Part 2


There is nothing worse than reporting to a job day after day, week after week and year after year that adds nothing but anxiety to one’s life. However, that is exactly what I was did for over twenty five years. To say I was miserable is an understatement.

On quite a few mornings, I pulled into the parking lot of my job in tears. To compound matters, I felt trapped. I was financially unable at that time to return to school to facilitate a change in careers, and so I toiled on.

The select group of co-workers who seemed to enjoy berating and castigating me fueled my dismay. I avoided them as best I could, and at the suggestion of my friend I began scheduling myself to work on days they were off. You see, we work three – twelve hour shifts/week, and so, working opposite them helped some. Eventually, I worked full time night shift which took care of working with them at all but, I still had to give shift report.

For about five years, I received a reprieve when I was recruited to be apart of a five year grant funded project. It took me one full year on that job to relax and accept that my new co-workers respected me as an individual and as someone with a high level of intelligence.  It was also liberating because I realized the treatment I received at the hands of my former co-workers was real and not a misperception as they wanted me to believe.

Something wonderful happened during those five years, I grew in confidence and appreciation of who I was created to be. At the end of those years, I returned to my former job a stronger person. I began to stand up for myself although I continued to avoid the naysayers as best I could.

My mother used to tell me, God would move stumbling blocks out of my way. Even with my new found strength, those women were relentless. I began to wonder how much longer it was going to take God to move them or me again. However, God in His infinite wisdom knew my current situation was just strengthening my wings.

I’ve been told the Eagle is the only bird with the ability to fly straight into a storm until she breaks through the clouds and flies above it. If I was going to be a Harpy Eagle, God knew I was going to need strong wings.

Stay tuned for more of “I Am More Than Capable.”

As always, I hope my thoughts encourage you.


Savannah J. providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life.


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