“See The End Game”


One of my favorite movies is Life of A King. It’s based on the story of Eugene Brown, the gentleman who started The Big Chair Chess Club for inner-city youth living in Washington D. C. Each time I watch the movie, I learn something new. However, no matter how many new lessons I glean with each viewing, my favorite remains “you must see the end game.” There is so much wisdom in that short sentence.

During the movie, Mr. Brown played by the talented, Cuba Gooding Jr, repeatedly tells his students to “think before you move. You must see the end game.” Regardless our age we can all apply those words of wisdom to our lives. How many disasters or tragic situations could have been avoided had we thought before we moved? I can think of a few circumstances in my life that would have gone differently had a paused and considered the outcome before acting.

As I travel this journey called life, I look for small lessons I can hold onto to help me grow and navigate the sometimes rocky places. Mr. Brown’s advice to “think before you move. You must see the end game” is one such nugget I now use often or at least attempt to. I do hope you, too, will find his advice useful.

It’s not always possible to make the right decision, all we can do is try as best we can. But in that attempt to make sound and concrete choices, lets remember Mr. Brown’s advice. “Think before you move. Remember to see the end game.”

As always, I hope my thoughts encourage you.


Savannah J. providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life.


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