Bending In The Wind


I remember hearing my mother talk about weathering storms. At those times, she would always liken herself to a pine tree. She said, “When the storms come everybody wants to be an oak tree, but not me, I want to be a pine. If the wind is too strong the oak tree will break but the pine just bends with the wind.”

When we think about it, what wonderful and true advice. I live in an area where we’ve had a lot of vicious storms lately. The winds have uprooted numerous trees. Of all the trees that have fallen or broken, I’ve only seen one evergreen, the rest have been oak.

We think of the oak as majestic and strong; is branches reaching far and wide. It’s likeness is often featured on book covers, magazines, and greeting cards to name a few. We use the branches of the oak to secure swings for children and to support a treehouse as well. I do believe it’s the sturdiest of all.

The pine is frequently used to grace covers only during the winter holidays. It’s branches are stunning when covered with snow or ice. But when it comes to resilience I believe my mother had a point. I recall seeing footage of hurricane force winds tearing through towns. And when I think about it, the pines and palm trees are always bending with the wind.

In times when I need strength and a firm footing, I would like to be like the oak. But when the gale-force winds are blowing, like my mother, I want to be a pine tree. You see, if the wind is too strong the oak tree will break but the pine just bends with the wind.

As always, I hope my thoughts encourage you.


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