Listen up!

It seems to me, listening has become a lost art. One of the greatest annoyances I’ve found is people who cut me, or anyone else for the matter, off before we finish our sentence. Have we become so hurried as a society we no longer have time to listen to one another? I fear it to be true.

We seem to listen while formulating as response instead of paying attention to what’s being said. There are those who will “yeah-yeah” in the middle of a person’s sentence because they think they know what’s about to be said. Then we have some, as I said earlier, who will completely cut the talker off for the same reasons. The worst offender is the one who walks away because they feel the conversation doesn’t even merit their presence. I’ve learned in each case we can be 100% wrong.

Active listening is a virtue it would behove each of us to adopt. It takes practice because it’s easier to just interject. But I promise if we as a people take the time to quiet our minds and hear what’s being said, this world would be a better place. Thanks for listening!


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