On Sunrises


Every morning while at work, I have the opportunity to watch the sun rise. Each one is different and my reaction is always the same, I feel it’s the most beautiful yet. Well, a couple days ago, I watched a sunrise that I know beyond a shadow of doubt out did itself.

There are trees outside the window where I work.  On this particular morning, the sky behind the trees turned a brilliant red; it was as if the very sky itself was on fire. It stayed that way for at least twenty minutes  before the sun popped up over the trees.

Let me pause here and say, mornings are my favorite time of day. I see mornings as a new opportunity to begin again; a second chance, if you will to make things right. Morning brings with it a certain joy for me; a brand new day I’ve never seen before.

If you’ve not taken the opportunity to watch a sunrise or two, may I suggest you do so. And as you do remember every new day is a gift. Enjoy!


Savannah J. providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life.


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