Beware the Fast Talkers


I was recently approached by a co-worker asking for help with his writing project. He is an entrepreneur with current up and running businesses and the gift of gab, if you will. What stood out in the conversation was his wording. Let me pause here and give you a bit of insight into what I do. Aside from my writing, I get a salary for listening. I always tell my family and friends, I get paid to listen.

As we talked this morning, he began sharing his vision for his book with me. One theme stood out, he wanted my skills as a writer. Now, I have no qualms assisting him with his project, but I realized my assistance would involve a lot more than coaching.

It’s been said, writing a book is a lot like giving birth and I suppose it is. Any writer will tell you, it take a lot of time, patience and sometimes struggle to create. We spend hours alone with our laptops, tablets or pens and paper bringing our characters to life and no one can tell our story for us. That is unless we use a ghostwriter. My co-worker’s wording had ghostwriter written all over it.

Years ago, I would have fallen for the idea and consequently over committed myself. (Growth is a beautiful thing) I have since become more astute. As I stated earlier, I don’t mind assisting my co-worker but I will make it clear, this is his project. Hence he will do the work.

I’m sharing this because there are those who’ve learned to manipulate words to convey a message far differently than what we think we’ve heard. And in the end, we find ourselves inundated with more responsibility than we can handle. It could be because they aren’t proficient in the tasks they need help with and not just about laziness. To that I say, what an opportune time for a learning experience under our tutelage. In the case of laziness, no better time than the present to roll up the sleeves and go to work, again under our guidance.

The art of listening along with the assertiveness to say no will save us a lot of grief when conversing with a Fast Talker. Stand your ground and redirect the conversation letting them know you’re there for them but the work to be done is theirs.


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