Living Fearlessly


One of my favorite cliches is “awwww live on the edge.” The interesting thing is although I  strongly suggested others live fearlessly, and proclaimed to do so myself,  I really wasn’t. I allowed fear to control many of my decisions and often dominate my life. However, I recently resolved to truly live life to the fullest. That includes tossing fear aside and living on the edge.

My decision came about following a recent awakening. The beautiful thing is, I’ve never felt so free in my entire life. I’m doing as many of the things I’ve always wanted to do as possible. With that, I’ve developed a longevity list. I don’t believe in Bucket lists for me because it conjures feelings of having to complete a list of things as quickly as possible. I prefer the term longevity  because I’ll need a long life to enjoy all the activities I have planned for myself.

I want to put my discomfort with heights aside and go zip lining with my family. I plan to audition to sing the National Anthem at a professional sports event. And that trip to Italy no long sounds like too much time in the air.

The amazing thing about living fearlessly is it brings a sense of joy along with the freedom.  Each time an item is crossed off my longevity list, I feel exhilarated and challenged to move onto the next item. As always, I share my stories to encourage others to join me in embracing life. So, toss caution to the wind, as they say and join me in living on the edge. In other words, Live Fearlessly!



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