Passing the Test

IMG_0172I recently read a short article on the silence of God. The author spoke about why God is silent and with his explanation used a great analogy which caught my attention. The writer reminded us that in the classroom during a test, the teacher is always quiet. As a matter of fact, everyone is quiet and the only sound heard is that of pencil against paper.

I’ve been through many silent times in my life, some causing me to wonder where God was, or if He even heard me. Following those situations, I’ve learned the author was right. God is silent because we are being tested. The outcome of the test isn’t that we receive what we’ve prayed for but that we trust God’s will for our lives.

God was silent when my heart yearned for many things, some inline with His will according to His word. Some of the things I prayed for I received, some I did not. Although I didn’t understand why the answer was no when I didn’t receive what I’d prayed for, in the long run, I received something far greater. I gained the peace of God; I gained contentment in the state I found myself in and I learned to trust God with my life.

There will be more tests in my lifetime, of that I’m sure. My prayer is, I Pass the Test. My prayer for those reading this is the same and that is, when God is silent, we remember the teacher is always quiet during the Test.


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