A little bird singing in the rain.

8352_A-sweet-little-bird-on-a-rock-in-the-rain“Baby, you’re like a little bird singing in the rain.” Those were my late mother’s words to me on more than one occasion. She based those words on my tenacity; my ability to never give up. What my mother was telling me in essence was, she saw me as a worshiper.

Have you ever had your attention drawn to a window because you heard a bird singing it’s heart out in the pouring rain? Most birds will seek shelter when it storms but every now and again, one will stay and sing; that was my mother’s definition of a worshiper. A worshiper will sing in spite of. In spite of their circumstances, their feelings, or their health to name a few. Like that little bird who raises it’s voice in song to our Creator in the storm, a worshiper will raise their voice with tears streaming down their face.

I, like most people have had my share of hardships. When things become unbearable, I do what comes naturally. I close my eyes, throw my head back and I worship God. And above all, I trust and believe that in my brokenness like that little bird singing in the rain, my prayers are heard.

Quite often, life throws us curve balls, it’s what we do with those curve balls that matter. The next time you find yourself caught in one of life’s storms, close your eyes and throw your head back. And then like the bird in the rain, sing.


Savannah J, providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life. 


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