Beyond Cancer

Still waters from South CarolinaWell, this may be one of the most emotional blogs I’ve been led to write so far. This morning, I attended a breakfast in honor of a co-worker who’s in the process of defeating cancer. She looked radiant, full of life and beautiful; as she should. It blessed my heart to see employees coming from all over the building to grab a bite to eat and place a donation in the jar to help out with her expenses.

My co-worker was humble and gracious as person after person stepped forward to hug her and offer continued support. She quietly answered our questions, providing a small glimpse into her world. None of her actions evoked pitiful stares or comments but demonstrated a woman strong in her faith.

Cancer is an awful beast. It has stolen time from a number of my family members including, my oldest sister. My sister was a remarkable woman and artist. She was intelligent, beautiful, talented, wise, kind, giving and all around incredible. For three years she fought a valiant fight but one day her body grew tired and she closed her eyes for the last time. Here in lies the beyond.

When my sister died, we had to make a decision. Do we allow grief to consume us or do we move beyond cancer and keep living. We chose to move beyond. I believe that’s what everyone must do, especially those receiving the diagnosis. We must dig deep and find the tenacity to stare cancer in the face and say, you may not have my future.

Although my sister died, her belief in God and assurance of an eternal home saw her move beyond cancer. She knew that on the other side of the door she walked through, God and the angels were waiting to greet her. Those who receive a cancer-free diagnosis after treatment have purposed in their hearts long before their first therapy to move beyond.

It takes tenacity, obstinacy, and resolution to look challenges in the eye and say, I will move beyond this. Cancer is a challenge. I agree with Henry Ford when he said, “whether you think you can, or think you can’t— you’re right.” The challenges you face may be different from those faced by me and others. Regardless of the situation, make a decision today to move beyond. Your future awaits.

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