Becoming A Foot Soldier

My bootsFor most of my life, I’ve know I’m called to be a Foot Soldier. We are those at the grassroots of the spiritual war. We go quietly about our work and are seldom in the lime light.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful husband and wife team who are doing great things in my area. I met them after reading an article on their work in our local online paper. This young couple is working to help the homeless, especially those living in a tent city not far from my home.

After reading the article, I knew I had to get involved. You see, when God places a calling on our lives, He leads us to the exact place He wants us to be. I’ve always had a heart for the homeless and I’m always willing to put my hand to the plow and work in the fields.

I contacted the couple and made arrangements to meet up and drop off some clothing to a few of the people living in the tent city. My heart grieved for them because every night that I go to sleep, I lay down in a bed in a house with a secure roof over my head. I don’t know what it feels like to have no home to go to.

Dropping off clothing and having prayer with persons I met is just the beginning for me. I want to do so much more. Perhaps you have been led to get involved for the Kingdom of God. If so, ask for guidance and when He answers, put your hand to the plow and don’t turn back. This world needs Foot Soldiers now more than ever.

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