Rethinking Our Way To Success


As a child, I, as were others was programmed to think a certain way. This morning as I was walking to my car, a thought ran across my mind prompting an epiphany, if you will. The thought involved my son and I realized the context of it, was clearly influenced by my upbringing. It was at that moment, I said to myself, self you need to work on retraining your thought pattern.

Some well known motivational speakers call negative thinking, “stinkin’ thinkin’,” others call it “ruminating”. Now, the essence of my thought about my son wasn’t negative but it wasn’t affirmative either. My focus was more on what he hasn’t accomplished instead of on what he has. Now, I’m a firm believer that our thoughts have as much power as our words.

This is why I believe we should be cognizant of what we say as well as what we think. My son is a gifted photographer. When he was a teenager, I used to tell him he’d call me one day from the Amazon Rainforest as he sat swatting flies, waiting on the perfect shot. In retrospect, I decided to rethink that. It’s my dream for my son to work for National Geographic, but not necessarily his.

How many times have you inadvertently said something or thought something only to have your thoughts or words manifested. I’ve heard countless successful individuals state how they professed what they would one day accomplish. They spoke and believed what they wanted for their lives. I’ve begun to work on this process. I have affirmations I read aloud on a daily basis and I’ve added a in couple for my son. I now see myself where I’d like to be in 3 – 5 – and even 10 years. It’s a matter of retraining myself to think on the outcome I desire and more so the outcome God wants for me. I’m learning to rethink my way to success.

Many people have already mastered the art of positive thinking, perhaps you’re one of them. If however, you’re like me and still working on it. I invite you to join me as we rethink our way to success. For the most part, I’m a pretty positive person, but there’s always room for growth!

P.S. As for my son, I’m focused on the fantastically creative photographer his is and applauding his growth. I’m rethinking my role as mom and cheerleader. It’s my place to offer kudos from the sidelines and only come into the game when invited. By the way, my picture for this blog is one of his. It’s a shot of the bridge over the Mataponi River in King and Queen County at night. If you’re interested in knowing more about my son and his work, just let me know.


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