You Must be Compassionate

Beautifully written testament of God’s grace.


A few days ago, my mother-in-law fell and broke her hip.  She was utterly alone, and desperately needed help and yet no one heard her cries for over an hour.


She has lived a rather tragic life and has suffered a great deal.  As a result of how she has suffered, she often struggles with choosing simple kindness.  Born in Poland in 1938 right before the Nazi’s invaded,  her parents died when she was very young; orphaned she was raised by her older brother.  She met her future husband, a young American GI, and became pregnant with twins before they were married.  Speaking very little english, she moved to America to start a new life.  That new life was full of promise but much of that promise was never realized.  Bitterness, sadness and hopelessness have instead ruled her life.  She, probably without real intent, abused her kids and filled their lives with…

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