An old man’s side-piece. (I don’t think so)

Rose On Wood BW

The following blog is my thought based solely on an encounter I experienced. It is in no way intended to insult or offend. It is merely my expression of how I was made to feel as a result of the interaction between myself and an older gentleman.  

I had an interesting encounter on a train ride a couple weeks ago. I was assigned a seat next to an older gentleman. All seemed to be going well with our ride until he decided to engage me in conversation. The conversation started off fine enough and then, he digressed and began to flirt. Initially, I attempted to divert the conversation to the usual, “how’s the weather” sort of thing. He’d participate for awhile and then would startup with how attractive I was and how much he enjoyed talking with women. After some time, I grew disgusted. I leaned into him and explained that he needed to stay in his lane, if you will.

With my posture as well as my words, I informed him, I was not nor would I ever be interested in him; after all he’d admitted he was married. I’m not quite sure who the women were he was used to entertaining, but believe you me, I’m not the one. First of all he’s married and that alone is a deterrent for me. Secondly, even if he weren’t married, he was too many years my senior. Now, what disturbed me most about our encounter, was this man’s insistence on having what I felt was an inappropriate conversation.

His mannerisms were quite juvenile, almost teenage like, if you will. He would giggle every now and again and start talking about the women he enjoyed talking with as if I was supposed to be impressed. He even suggested we have lunch. As I listened to him jibber-jabber on, I wondered when or if he’d ever realize his behavior was out of line. Here was a man who was obviously in his late 70’s, still attempting to woo women half his age.

I believe what I found most disturbing about my experience with this man, is the fact he admitted he was married, yet obviously found no qualms with seeking my company. He shared that his wife was unwell and I wondered where was his loyalty to her. I could have made the excuse for him in my mind, he was lonely and seeking companionship (bless his heart). However, I’m wise enough to know his behavior was nothing new.

I’m currently single but when the man God has promised to me comes into my life, he’ll know beyond a shadow of doubt, loyalty, trust and honesty are priorities on my relationship list. And that goes for when we’re apart as well as together.


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