Soooo, what just happened?


“There are three types of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.” I’ve heard the previous quote by the late Mary Kay Ash on more than one occasion. One morning I had a conversation with a co-worker whom I find to be exceptionally gifted and bright. However, as I listened to her words, I found myself placing her in the second category of the late Mary Kay Ash’s quote. Now before you pass judgement on me for presumably passing judgement on her, allow me to explain.

On that morning another co-worker had been called into our supervisor’s office and offered a promotion. For the sake of clarity, I’ll call her Co-worker B, and the other Co-worker A. Following Co-worker B’s disappearance into our supervisor’s office, Co-worker A became consumed with curiosity as to what the talk between Co-worker B and our supervisor was about. “The talk” was the hot topic of the morning as Co-worker A, two others and I walked to our cars after completing our night shift. When I spotted Co-worker B headed toward her car, Co-worker A waited to inquire from her as to what had “happened.” Well, as I previously said, Co-worker B had been offered a promotion.

A third of the way into my drive home, my phone rang, it was Co-worker A. She was beside herself with anger about Co-worker B’s offer. She was upset because she herself had asked to apply for the promotion and was told she didn’t qualify. Her rant went on for the remainder of my drive and then some. Co-worker A was upset because she felt disrespected and walked over. She felt that all her hard work, coming in on days we were short to help out and attending numerous meetings was all for naught. No one noticed; no one cared. All her toiling was futile.

As I listened to her, I came to realize she was waiting for acknowledgement and opportunities to be given to her. Now, sometimes that concept works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not trying to make light of her situation because I know her character and how hard of a worker she is. I know all she said is truth. The picture I’m trying to paint here is, how this gifted, talented, and intelligent woman was watching things happen instead of saying, the heck with this, I’m going to grab the bull by the horns and make something happen for me!

I’ve come to understand we have everything we need to succeed already on the inside of us, all we have to do is tap into it. After listening, I suggested to Co-worker A, that she take her talents and resources and carve out a future for herself instead of waiting for something to happen. At the end of our conversation, Co-worker A agreed with me; not only did she agree, she took action.

So many times in life, we sit silently by and allow opportunity to slip away. Instead of going after our dreams we allow them to grow dust. We not only watch things happen, we wonder what happened. I, too, have been guilty of this. As of a couple years ago, I made the decision to take steps to make things happen in my life. Now, I’m a firm believer that God has the final say, but James 2:26 that says  “. . . faith without works is dead.”

I don’t believe God wants me sitting idly by waiting for opportunity to fall in my lab, I believe we have some control of our future and it’s up to us to set our goals and execute. It’s up to us to make things happen!


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