“Don’t Give It Life.”

Daybreak by Michael

I was talking with my brother a couple of days ago about a situation that had come up in my life. I decided to pray about it and leave it in God’s hands. When speaking with my brother, he of course agreed. We share the belief, our words and thoughts have power. For instance, I’m not one to talk about my health unless it’s in a positive light. Were you to ask me how I’m doing, my response will be, “I’m well,” because I believe in responding in that manner, I affirm my good health. I claim Divine health and healing although my pain level on a daily basis is rarely less than a three on a scale of one to ten. They say, I have arthritis.

On my most painful days, my pain level is usually an eight. Rather than “give life” to the situation raging in my bones, I choose to take something and spend time alone where I close my eyes and see myself as whole. I believe beyond a shadow of doubt, the same Jesus who healed over two thousand years ago, still heals today.

In my conversation with my brother, he quoted my niece. The saying, “don’t give it life,” is hers; her way of speaking only positive outcomes to whatever arises by not allowing negative words or thoughts to dominate the situation. I like that. How many times have we said something and watched it happen. For example, “If I eat this, I know it’s going to make me sick, but I’m eating it anyway.” Only to spend the next twenty four hours in agony. Or we speak something over someone else’s life and watch our words come to pass. Lets face it, whether we accept it or not, our words and thoughts have power.

I’ve had co-workers tell me I’m falling apart because I catch a cold or they can tell I’m in pain. I quickly correct them; I’m not falling apart nor do I plan on falling apart. The Bible in Psalm 103:5 tells me, the Lord will satisfy my desires with good things so that my youth is renewed like the Eagles. (paraphrased) That is how I choose to live my life.

I’m not one to push my beliefs or opinions on others, but if I’ve shared something here today that you can glean and be blessed from, please own it. I had another co-worker tell me, he admired me for my way of positive thinking, but it doesn’t work. My response to him was, it doesn’t work for whom? Because it works for me. My plan is to continue to foster positive thoughts and words, even when it’s a struggle to do so. I’d rather live my life seeing the good it has for me than spending time miserable because I dwell on the negative.

When troubles come my way I will pray and then leave the rest to God. I’ll remember as my niece says, “don’t give it life.” 


Savannah J.  providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life. 


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