Who Am I Really?


For so many years of my life, I’ve struggled with accepting who I am. I guess my reluctance was fueled by the nay-sayers if you will. You know who they are; the well meaning, self proclaimed-realistic folks who are always quick to point out why our ideas or dreams will never work out.

My dream as some of you may know was to take Broadway by storm. I wanted to sing, act and dance. As a child, I could be found one of two places, either on the floor with a book in my hands or in front of a mirror with a hairbrush aka “microphone” (mic) in my hand. I loved to sing and act out plays and stories I made up in my head.

As a creative, my personality was a bit different. I never really felt at home if you will unless, I was with other creatives, in the music/theater department of my high school or in front of a mirror with my mic. And so, I altered my personality so as to not be teased so much for my quirkiness.

To fast forward, I’m at the point in my life where wisdom has taken over and I’ve come to realize the only opinions that matter when it comes to who I really am, are mine and God’s. I’ve accepted my gift of creativity wholeheartedly and completely, along with the traits that make me . . . well me!

I’m animated, silly, passionate, contemplative, an extrovert who is at times withdrawn. I believe everyone next to me in line at the grocery store is comfortable carrying on a conversation. Although, my son who is an introvert, has assured me, not everyone enjoys talking with strangers. I’ve come full circle and relish in being me!

I don’t believe in “bucket lists,” instead, I have a longevity list because I’m going to need a long life to do everything I have planned. I’m going to take the acting lessons, I’ve always wanted and participate in plays. I plan on taking voice lessons again and joining a local choral. I refuse to be shamed into being someone I’m not just to fit in. My answer to that is, if you are at all bothered by my personality, you have the choice not to hang around me. And I’m perfectly fine with that. I am so in love with this fabulous creative spirit, God placed in me and I’ve never been happier in my life.

Perhaps you can relate to what I’ve been through, maybe you find yourself in that place now. Well, if you are, I say stop right now and fully embrace who you are. You see, we each were created with special gifts and by hiding them we are robbing the world of something very unique and special. We are robbing the world of us. Don’t waste another minute altering yourself to fit into a place you aren’t meant to be. Rise up in all your glorious you and join me in blessing this world with the beauty of who we really are.


Savannah J.  providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life. 


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