On Being Mom

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In a few hours it’ll be Mother’s Day and although I had a amazing mother, I want to do things a little differently this year. I want to let the world know how grateful I am to be my son’s mom. The day his dad and I found out we were expecting a baby, I also was informed I was having complications. I would spend 18 weeks on bed rest in order to bring our son into this world. In later years, I would try and expand my family but to no avail. I believe because, God knew I would only be able to have one child, He sent me His best.

For many years, it was just the two of us; my son and me. The years as a single mother were far from easy but had I to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate. My son has been my right arm through the years and I’m so grateful to have him in my life. He has almost single-handed nursed me through 4 surgeries and not once did he complain.

As a child, my son was my best travel partner. I’d strap him into his car seat and later booster seat and we’d go as far north as Buffalo, New York and as far south as Daytona Beach, Florida alone. Never once did he complain or ask are we there yet. He knows I love Super Heroes and each year for Mother’s Day my son takes me to see a Super Hero movie. He buys me popcorn and a drink and patiently sits with me as I laugh, cry and cheer at the screen.

Growing up, my son went through so much. He was bullied, made fun of and mistreated by children and adults. I spent many hours fighting for him in the natural and warring for him in the spirit. He is a man now and God has kept His promise and given me an amazing son who is so much more than I could have imagined for myself.

Only 5% of Boy Scouts make Eagle Scout and I’m proud to say, my son has. He works a full time job and is patiently building his photography business. He has traveled to several states with the musicians and bands he photographs and receives referrals for other opportunities to work with politicians and other professionals. Some parents can boast and brag about their children having multiple degrees and high powered jobs; I don’t have that option but I am equally proud of my son.

I am proud of him because, he dares to be different and carve his own path. I once heard a quote about water that says, “Water is powerful. It can wash away earth, put out fire, and even destroy iron.Water can carve its way through stone. And when trapped, water makes a new path.” (Memoirs of a Geisha) That quote reminds me of my son; he is a gentle spirit but when need be, he can rise to the occasion.

I praise God each time I think of my son. I am blessed beyond measure to have him in my life. I tell him pretty much on a daily basis, how much I love him and how I couldn’t ask for a better son. To God be the glory for the things He has done. To all mother’s everywhere, I wish you the best Mother’s Day ever!


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