Fear! But then again, what do we have to be afraid of?

Fear slide

There is an office park that I frequently pass while running errands. At times when passing that particular area, I recall days gone by; a time when I was on a different path. I was headed in a direction not meant for me. Now, as I look back over those days, I have no regrets in changing my course, what I do wonder about is, where my life would have been had I embraced another opportunity afforded me.

The opportunity I’m speaking of isn’t the only one I passed up out of fear. I’ve had friends and family tell me, perhaps those things weren’t meant for me, because what’s for us we will have. I would like to beg the difference. Sometime, we miss once in a lifetime connections because we allow our insecurities to hold us back. I’m now a firm believer, fear is nothing more than a false perception of something that will never come to pass.

I’m not referring to the type of fear which keeps us safe, such as not walking down a dark alley at night alone because we fear we may get mugged. I’m speaking of the apprehension which keeps us from moving forward. Had I not been afraid of pushing myself through music school, perhaps I’d be a music teacher today. Had I not been afraid to acknowledge my talents when asked about them, perhaps I’d be acting in a small local acting guild.

It’s high time we stop allowing our anxieties to rule our decisions. For the past couple of years, I’ve been working on embracing who I am as a woman and artist and it feels amazing. I attend networking events alone and meet wonderful people who think like me. I join in on challenging activities with the young people in my family that I wouldn’t ordinarily participate in. I no longer consider talking about my talents an uncomfortable topic, and neither should you. There is nothing wrong with believing in ourselves. After-all, our family and friends believe in us. So, let’s grab the bull by the horns and ride after all what do we have to be afraid of?


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