Bitter-Sweet Memories


One day last week, I attended a networking event for women in my area. The venue was in a shopping center I used to frequent as young mother after my son was born. There was a store at that time in the shopping center, that sold discounted children’s wear, and furniture. I can remember buying my son a highchair, stroller and disposable diapers there.

After the event was over, I did a slow cruise through the parking lot. So many memories filled my mind and heart. I recalled the sound of my son’s voice as a child and the sweet smell of his skin as a baby and toddler. The remembrance of those days, now long since gone brought tears to my eyes. I’d say they were bitter-sweet.

Bitter-sweet because time continues on and we can’t go back, When my son was a little boy, I did things with him to create memories for both of us. I spent quite a bit of quality time with him; I took lots of pictures with my camera and my mind. I used to hold his tiny hands as often as I could. I’d sit by his bed and watch him sleep and when he fell asleep in my arms, I’d listen to the sound of him breathing close to my ear.

I’m so incredibly thankful for my son and having had the opportunity to raise him. My son has been an exceptional child and young man. As a baby and toddler, he used to wake from a nap laughing. He never gave me a minutes grief as a teenager. He obtained the rank of Eagle Scout and is now a phenomenal photographer.

Looking back over our past can be bitter-sweet when we realize the past can not be relived and there are things we’d like to change or experience again. But we can draw from the sweetness of those memories and focus on the now and future, because I believe the best is yet to come. If you find yourself living in the past, may I kindly suggest you refocus your thoughts? What is done is done and what is gone is gone, however, if we learn to live in the now; to be present in this moment our views on life will change completely.

I miss the days of my son as a baby and little boy but his days as a young adult man bring me just as much joy. He still comes to me with wonder and excitement in his eyes when experiencing something new. He still shares his hopes and dreams with me and believe it or not, we still play around and act silly sometimes.

The present has so many wonderful things to offer us as does the future. Lets keep our eyes focused on the now and enjoy the blessings of today, with that we will reap the sweet without the bitter.


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