“Mercy Said No!”

Daybreak by Michael

When my son was about five years old, we were involved in what could have been a fatal car accident had it not been for faith in God and the power of prayer. I was taking my son to school one morning and became distracted. I did the one thing a driver should never do, I took my eyes off the road. Although I glanced away for a brief period, when I looked up, I was headed into oncoming traffic and I panicked.

I can remember screaming out my son’s name again and again as I over corrected the car time and again. (Later he would ask me why I kept calling his name and I explained it was because I didn’t want to hurt him.)  I could hear the tires screeching as I swerved into the lane for oncoming traffic and then fought to keep the car from running into a ditch on my side of the road. I struggled for several seconds to control my car and when I realized, I couldn’t, I cried out, “Jesus help us!”

Before I go on, allow me to paint a picture of the area my son and I were in. We were on route 30, a two-lane road in King William County, Virginia. Because of the saw mills and pulp mills in that area, route 30 is heavily traveled by semi-trucks carrying cut timber. As my car veered from one lane to the other, by the grace of God, not a truck or car approached us, nor was there a car or truck behind us. It was as if we were the only vehicle on the road at that time.

After I cried out “Jesus help us,” I literally felt the power of God wrench the steering wheel from my hands. At this point the front end of my car was headed for a ditch and some woods behind the ditch. Instead of my car continuing in that direction, it turned 180 degrees and came to an abrupt stop. When I looked up, I was on the shoulder of the road parked directly between to roadside signs. My son was still in his car seat, unharmed. Men from a nearby auto repair shop came running to aid us, followed by a State Police Officer who responded to our accident.

I sat in my seat and cried and praised God. The officer marveled at how my car sat between those two sign posts, which by the way were still standing. He kept repeating, “Ma’am, I don’t know how you did this.” My response was, “you don’t understand, it wasn’t me, it was God.” I give Him all praise and glory for saving the lives of my son and me that day. By all appearances, we were on our way to a sure death, but in the words of CeCe Winans, “Mercy Said No!”

Perhaps you are dealing with a life or death situation. Maybe your circumstances aren’t life or death but are challenging your very faith. Remember what God did for me and my son early that morning and know He is more than able and willing to deliver you too. Be blessed!


Savannah J.  providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life. 


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