What’s In Your Glass?!

water bottleA few days ago, I was having a conversation with a friend about a test she had taken, she called to let me know she had passed. My response was, “I knew you would.” Well, she went on to give me all of the reasons why she may have failed. I listened and when she finished I said, “no matter what I go after whether it be a new job, car or certificate in something, I expect to get it. There is an ongoing question as to whether one’s glass is half empty or half full, well my glass is not half full, it’s full. I expect the best for myself and I anticipate the same for you.”

There was a time in my life, when I suffered from low self esteem. As a result of my woe-is-me attitude, I found myself surrounded by like-minded people. On the inside, I longed to escape this world of despondency, but it seemed the harder I tried, the deeper I sank. As new people moved into my circle, I became excited until I realized, they were toxic to my well being. The Law of Attraction is real.

I have spent years getting to know me and learning to appreciate my strengths as well as weaknesses. I know what I want and I have a written plan on achieving my goals. I now surround myself with others who are on the same path as me. Most of them are ahead of me in what they’ve accomplished and are willing to mentor me. A half full glass may be ideal for some, but I have a voracious thirst and would deplete the contents of a half full glass in a few swallows.

I refuse to allow setbacks to derail me, I merely regroup and begin again. I’ve learned this type of discipline from the people now in my life as well as my faith in God. Our best made plans don’t always work out in the timeline we set but that doesn’t mean they won’t workout.

Perhaps you’re in a state of frustration or maybe like my friend see the downside of a situation because things are rough right now. Well, please allow me to encourage you. Your thoughts as well as words have power; again I say, The Law of Attraction is real. Begin to refocus your mind and tell yourself you will succeed. See your glass as half full instead of half empty and then take it into the kitchen and fill it up, after all you’re going to need a lot to drink. In order to attain all life has for you, as The Most Interesting Man in The world says, you must “Stay thirsty my friends.”


Savannah J, providing a place of tranquility away from the stress of life. 


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