The Anatomy of a Stalker: Meet Jude

one eyeCarter and I have been friends since that day in high school – let me tell you about it. There was this group of bad-asses who wanted to give him a beat down and they’d been scheming about it for awhile. They thought they had Carter until I got wind of their plans from my sister. I met Carter after school and together we took them out. So, when my boy called for help, naturally I was on it.

Seemed he had this crazy woman after him with stalker-like behavior. Not only was Carter concerned about his own safety but more so his beautiful woman, Taryn. My job was to be Taryn’s personal bodyguard but when the crazy woman stepped up her game, I looked out for his brother Matt’s woman, Bre as well. Most men would have loved to be in my position, in the company of two gorgeous women, but first of all Matt and Carter are like my brothers. Second of all, my boy and his family’s lives were in danger; ain’t nobody got time for foolishness under those circumstances.

I stayed on with Carter for awhile; until the job was done and done right. I made sure I didn’t board that plane for home until I was positive Ms. Crazy was gone for good. You see, that’s how me and my boy Carter are. Ride or die baby, for life.


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