The Anatomy of a Stalker: Asha Carrington

one eye


I realize Matthew doesn’t care for me but mudslinging isn’t necessary. To speak ill of me and label me insane is all uncalled for. After all, my relationship with his brother is none of Matthew’s concern. I understand my advances toward Carter may be deemed too aggressive but I assure you it’s all a case of misinterpretation on Matthew’s and Carter’s part.

Contrary to Matthew’s belief, my initial encounter with Carter was not face to face. Once Mr. Finne, my employer announced the Woodson Firm would be assuming the handling our retirement packages, I immediately researched them. I’ve put a lot of time and energy into insuring my retirement years are secure, therefore I needed to know the new firm was top notch.

As I perused the Woodson Company website, Carter’s face jumped out at me when I got to his bio. At that point it no longer mattered how many accolades or references the company had received for its outstanding work. All that mattered to me was meeting, Carter. You see, I knew I’d found the answer to my prayers in him. I knew he was the one. 


Carter never dreamed he would have to look over his shoulder until he met Asha. A woman with alluring eyes and a mysterious past who will stop at nothing until she has him. Follow Carter’s and Asha’s tumultuous journey in The Prey. 

If you like thrillers you will love The Prey, now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook. 

To purchase The Prey just copy and paste the following link into your Internet address bar:

For more on Savannah J visit her website at Follow Savannah on Twitter @savana74 or on Google + at +Savannah Jackson


Savannah J, she adds a little sass in every word. 


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