The Anatomy of a Stalker: Meet Asha Carrington

one eye


I guess you can say my childhood was no different from any other Jane Doe. Oh, please excuse my manners. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Asha Carrington and if you have the time, I’d like to share my story. 

They say, people like me are twisted and deranged. Perhaps victims of child abuse or neglect but I assure you, I’ve experienced neither. I’m just a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t take no for an answer in my pursuit.  

There is a gentleman, whom I’m very fond of.  I’d even venture to say, I’m in love with him but for some reason he says doesn’t feel the same. Now, I don’t for one minute believe a word of it. Of course he loves me, he’s just afraid to show it. And so, well, I decided to help him release. 

I relocated to be near him. I know his favorite foods, cologne, movies, color, and all other particulars. I’m even aware of his idiosyncrasies. At any given time, I’m never far from him. Don’t tell him but I’ve driven past his home late at night on several occasions to check on him. 

He has often misinterpreted my love and concern for him as some sort of obsession but I see nothing wrong with a little coercion. For instance, it thrills me to no end to see the expression on his face when he looks up and I’m sitting near him at dinner or a movie. He’s asked me repeatedly to stop but I know persistence destroys resistance. Sooner or later, he will accept the fact that I am the love of his life. Until that day, I’ll be right here waiting.

For more of Asha Carrington pick up a copy of The Prey by Savannah J available in paperback and eBook on Amazon. Just copy and paste the following link directly into your internet address bar.


Savannah J, she puts a little sass in every page.




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