Falling in love with RVA, day 18: Saving the Tata’s and Josh Groban.

MP900321107I went for my annual Mammogram this afternoon and with a great report from the Radiologist I might add. There is a history of Breast Cancer in my family and so, I’m meticulous in making and keeping my appointments each year. I’ve heard women complain about the equipment used for the test but it takes less than ten minutes start to finish for something that may save a life. I just take a deep breath knowing, God has blessed man with the technology to help us have better quality of life and let the technician do her job.

After my exam, I headed for a quiet place to write in the RVA-Metro Area where I’d never been before but couldn’t think of an establishment. As I cruised up Midlothian Turnpike, I spotted a sign for Pink Belle Cake House and decided to stop. My goal other than finding a place to write was buying a small cake for my Birthday celebration tomorrow.

My decision turned out to be a perfect one as the Pink Belle Cake House is also The Piano Cafe. The atmosphere at The Piano Cafe felt so relaxing and peaceful, I grabbed a cup of Joe and my laptop and found a seat in an overstuffed chair. Now, I’m sitting here listening to Josh Groban, one of my favorite singers, sipping on my coffee and working on my latest project.

If you ever find yourself in the Midlothian area, check out Pink Belle Cake House and The Piano Cafe. You’ll love it here. And if you’re a writer like me, the ambiance is perfect for penning your next project or finishing up one you’ve started.

As always, I wish you a safe and peaceful night.


Savannah J, she adds a little sass in every page.

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