Falling in love with RVA day 16: Yay me!!!

MP900387212Perhaps you’re wondering why my title for today is about me. I’m so happy you asked. Today, I joined a gym and I’m so excited! I used to walk for exercise and I lost quite a bit of weight but then plateaued. My problem turned out to be lack of strength training. The cardio was good but I needed that extra umph. I’ve been a member of a gym since age eighteen but I tried to shape up without the weights for the past year, to no avail. At the advice of my doctors, I’m stepping up my game.

My goal is to lose and tone for my health. I not only want to add length of years to my life but I want those years to be quality years. I plan to chronicle my journey to a healthier me and hope you will be inspired to join in. Well, I need to get some rest as tomorrow is going to be a big day. I’ll be having fun in the RVA-Metro Area and getting in shape while doing it.

As always, I wish you a safe and peaceful night,


Savannah J, she adds a little bit of sass in every page.

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